Leadership Values

  • Connectional in thought and action-connecting the local church, district and annual conference
  • Strategic and Prayerful
  • Willing to work in between meetings
  • Think of who is not yet at the table

Summary of Teams

The Texas Annual Conference is fortunate and grateful for the dedicated clergy and laity willing to use their God-given gifts to lead not only in the local church but also at the district and conference levels. It is time for us to discern conference leadership to be approved at Annual Conference 2024 (June 9-12, Marriott, Westchase). The United Methodist Church typically measures time by quadrenniums (4-year cycles) and our current quadrennium ends in 2024.

In preparation for this transition, the Conference Nominations Committee is now seeking new members to serve our Conference teams, boards, agencies, committees, commissions and councils. Due to challenges and changes our conference has experienced over the last few years…we have an incredible opportunity to dream, refocus and reimage ministry and mission for the Texas Annual Conference. And we need you! Gifted and committed clergy and lay leaders, ready and willing to Revive. Renew. Reinvigorate. Reimagine. how we live out our mission to “Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.” in the TAC.

The Timeline for developing the Quadrennial Nominations Report is as follows:

  • Interested persons must submit a nominations interest profile by November 15, 2023, which includes interest and preference to serve on a particular team or teams.

  • District Superintendents, Conference Leadership Team members, Center Directors and District Leadership Team members are also encouraged to make nominations.

  • The Assistant to the Bishop prepares all profiles and nominations for the Conference Committee on Nominations by January 1, 2024, which will meet before January 15, 2024, to make nominations from the pool of names submitted.

  • The Committee on Nominations will submit the preliminary report of the committee to the Church & Society Team to review with regards to guidelines regarding diversity from the Commission on Race and Religion. The Church and Society Team will make its recommendation by March 1, 2024.

  • The final report of the Committee on Nominations will be complete by March 15, 2024 and printed in the 2024 Pre-Conference Journal. Any necessary additions to the final report of the Committee on Nominations will be presented at the 2024 Session of the Texas Annual Conference.

  • Other rules guiding the TAC nominating process can be found in our Conference Rules and Structure; Section 4.

The conference website offers several resources designed to provide clarity as to our Conference Rules, our Nominations Process, list of Current Leaders, Ministry Descriptions, and the Nominations Interest Profile for you to express your interest in leadership. Please take a look at the list of possible places to serve and prayerfully consider where your gifts might serve the conference.

Assistant to the Bishop

Emphasis on mission, innovation and strategic focus for the annual conference.

Center for Leadership Formation

Emphasis on recruiting, developing, deploying and supporting clergy and lay leadership in the annual conference.