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Group Health Benefits (GHB) and Pension Benefits Drafts Delayed to March 2023

The TAC Benefits Office does not process any Benefits drafts in January due to inputting new salary sheet and Open Enrollment information.  Both January and February Group Health Benefits (GHB) and Pension contributions are normally collected in February each year.  This year, due to the large number of 2022 year-end church disaffiliations and clergy retirements, withdrawals and appointment changes, benefits drafts will be delayed until March 2023. 

The first GHB draft will be March 1, 2023 and the first pension draft will be March 15, 2023.  The March GHB and Pension benefits draft will collect for three months of GHB and Pension contributions (for January, February and March 2023). 

Please make sure your church staff are aware of this delay and anticipate that three months of benefit contributions will be collected in March 2023, instead of two months in February as would typically occur.  Monthly benefit drafts will resume in April 2023. 

We regret any inconvenience this may cause.  Please contact the TAC Benefits Office if you have questions or concerns.

2023 GHB Contribution Rates  
As a reminder, the Church Group Health Benefits contribution rate is increasing to 11.2% (from 9.8%) effective 1/1/2023 as part of a pre-approved 4-year plan to eliminate the total $2 Million GHB apportionment by January 1, 2024 and replace it with 100% monthly direct billing (EFT). The GHB apportionment was reduced by $500,000 in 2021 and $1M in 2022 and will be reduced by $1.5M in 2023 and $2M in 2024 to a $0 GHB apportionment as of 1/1/2024. 

There are no increases in the Clergy Medical, Dental or Vision rates for 2023.  There are also no increases in the Church Pension Contribution rate for 2023 (13.8% of the clergy’s Total Pension Plan Compensation).

Accountable Reimbursements Eliminated from Total GHB Compensation for Benefits Contributions
Please note a significant change in clergy 2023 salary sheets. Effective 1/1/2023, Accountable Reimbursement amounts will no longer be included in the pastor’s Total Group Health Benefits (GHB) Compensation for purposes of calculating church and clergy GHB contribution amounts.  Due to Wespath rules, Accountable Reimbursements have never been included in the clergy’s Total Pension Plan Compensation. 

By also eliminating Accountable Reimbursements from Total GHB Compensation, the clergy’s Total GHB Compensation and Total Pension Plan Compensation will be identical whether or not the clergy designates any Accountable Reimbursements. 

GHB and Pensions Statements
To be good stewards of conference resources, printed Group Health Benefits and Pensions statements will not be mailed to churches for year-end 2022 as in prior years.  GHB and Pension statements can be provided to churches at any time by request.

To request GHB draft breakdowns, please contact Marianela Morales, GHB Specialist, at

For Pension draft breakdowns, please contact Patricia Goforth-Rakes, Pensions Specialist, at

Open Enrollment

2023 Open Enrollment is November 1 – 15, 2022. 


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