Transitional Intentional Interim Ministry

Transitional Intentional Interim Ministers are experienced clergy trained for specialized ministry and appointed for a specified period of time. The United Methodist Book of Discipline, in paragraphs 331.7c and 338.2e, 338.3, proposes several appointive possibilities, including:

  • Appointments made mid-year

  • Appointments to less than full-time service

  • Appointments across conference boundary lines

  • Appointments made for a specified time period

  • Appointments made for less than one year

TIIMS are recommended to this ministry by their District Superintendents and trained in accordance with the standards set by TIIMSA, the Transitional / Intentional Interim Ministers Association of the United Methodist Church. Trained TIIMS provide after-care ministry to churches in the event of death, disability or misconduct of a pastor. TIIMS assist churches working through conflict or toward revitalization.  TIIMS also support clergy colleagues by maintaining church ministry while the pastor is on short term sabbatical leave.

Texas Conference TIIMS are part of TIIMSA, the national association on Interim Ministers within the United Methodist Church.

More information Email:

Texas Conference TIIMS Coordinator

Rev. Bonnie Osteen

Transitional Intentional Interim Ministry Training