What is a New Faith Community (NFC)? They are signs of God’s promise to make all things (people, places) new. They are response to Jesus’ calling to fulfill the Great Commission.

The Texas Annual Conference stands at an historic crossroads. We are not who we were, and we are not yet who we will become. We are pioneering in new spaces and falling in love again with the Hope of the Gospel. These times call forth creativity and boldness for the future.    

Starting NFCs help us connect with people that otherwise may never walk through the doors of church and reconnect people who felt abandoned by the church.   NFCs will be expressions of church as we have traditionally known them to be and fresh expressions of church.  They include church mergers, multi-site planting and church-within-a-church models. We are expanding our focus on alternative models of ministry. These are places followers of Jesus and the “I’m not so sure about Jesus” will gather in homes, coffee shops, tattoo parlors, and anywhere else the Spirit leads them.

For more information, contact:
Rev. Melissa Maher
Ana Robles


New churches are being planted
and continue to grow in the Texas Annual Conference.