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During this session, we will explore strategies to monetize church properties and maximize their potential for the benefit of both the church and the community. Understanding how to make the most of these spaces can impact our communities and contribute to supporting and sustaining our churches and our ministries.


Our discussion will cover topics centered around:

  • Creative ways to utilize church property for additional income.

  • Legal and tax considerations in monetizing church spaces.

  • Resources and connections to help find guidance.


Your participation will not only equip you with new insights, but it will also foster conversation and collaboration among our congregations to share ideas and resources.


Webinar speakers include:

      • Dr. Will Reed – Strategies for engaging TAC approved real estate firms and others.

      • Rev Jill Daniel – United Methodist early childhood centers.

      • Vendors to monetize your parking lots, buildings, and other properties.


Why attend?

      • Churches have under-utilized buildings, parking lots and vacant land.

      • Aging property is expensive!

      • Expert help is needed to know the opportunities of rental market and commercial real estate factors.

      • Churches and pastors feel isolated in this work.

      • Decisions about church buildings are emotional.

      • Times have changed. Churches need revenue beyond the offering plate.


Together, let's explore innovative ways to empower our congregations and the communities we serve. Contact Rev. Robert Besser with questions at: