What the Church Can Do
Local churches and all communities of faith must become better informed about the needs of the public schools in their communities and the country as a whole. Only through adequate information can we defend public education and the democratic heritage which it supports. Full knowledge of our religious and democratic traditions helps us ensure that those elected to school boards are strongly committed to both public education and religious liberty.  (Excerpt from Resolution #5051, 2008 Book of Resolutions).
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One of the first steps you can take is to go to our
We Love All God’s Children page and read about all 
the great work being done through this program, 
and how you can get involved.



Other ways of making a difference

CY-HOPE – Making life better for children in Cy-Fair ISD
Cy-Hope is committed to partnering with schools and offering ministry of sustenance, mentoring, tutoring, volunteers, and empowering to long-term self-sufficiency. Contact Lynda Zuleika, Executive Director at 

Backpack Buddy– Houston Food Bank
Nutritious, kid-friendly food is provided for the weekend for at-risk children in schools grade K-12 and summer meal program sites. This is a program through the Houston Food Bank where we distribute, to multiple schools, prepackaged meals for the weekend. They are given to kids that during the week are on free or reduced cost lunches. The importance of this program cannot be understated as it can allow churches to become a trusted partner in local schools.

If you need additional information on resources to support ministry with and to children, contact Laura Bedevian, Missions Team, .