Shortly after my appointment here, I noticed new construction taking place. For a town with a population of 4,600, anything new becomes the talk of the town. So, it was a huge blessing to hear that the new construction was going to be an assisted living facility! Shortly after Autumn, Wind Assisted Living was opened, the management approached me, and some other pastors in New Boston, to see if we would like to preside over a worship service there once a month. I chose the first Sunday of the month.

As the excitement with this new ministry began to grow in the congregation, we soon had someone digging out some old worship notebooks that I didn’t even know existed! One of the hymns from that worship notebook was “Blessed Assurance!”

It’s not a hymn we typically sing, but when we do, it goes right along with my message that no matter what we are going through God is with us!

I constantly assure the congregation that God is with us, God loves us, God cares for us, and that God still has a calling for all of us! It never fails to bring smiles to their faces!

Part of the last verse of “Blessed Assurance” speaks to the assurance that we have as Christians that we are never alone!

Why would we be watching and waiting if we didn’t know that God is with us, and that someday God is going to call us home? The last verse of Psalm 121 speaks to that assurance as well! “

In Psalm 121:8 we read: “The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time on and forevermore.” No matter where we go, we know that God will be watching over us! Blessed assurance! Amen!

Rev Tommy Earl Burton is the Senior Pastor of Tapp United Methodist Church in New Boston, Texas near Texarkana. If you are ever in the area, Tapp United Methodist Church would love to have you join them.

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