General Conference is scheduled for April 23-May 3 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Delegates will gather from all over the world to vote on matters important to the Church.

St. Paul’s UMC, Houston is offering a special series of daily prayer for our delegation online, through their social media channels. Their initial post offers:

In the days leading up to General Conference, we invite you to pray for each of the 17 lay and clergy delegates representing the Texas Annual Conference, their home churches, the committees on which they serve, and The United Methodist Church.

We will pray for those arriving to the convention center, for those setting up the space, and for the workers that will interact with them. We will pray for episcopal leaders, observers, and all who care about the future of the UMC. We will pray for holy conferencing to be the norm, for listening ears to be abundant, and for the Spirit to have its way.

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