No one enters ordained ministry expecting to become wealthy, but few are prepared for the expense of seminary, which averages nearly $55,000 per student.  Most young seminarians preparing for ordination find themselves with an average debt of $50,000.  And although the Conference offers one of the highest compensations in the United States, most entering commissioned ministers receive a salary of approximately $39,000.

The Ambassadors’ Grant was created to encourage young people to consider ministry by reimbursing out of pocket seminary tuition, fees, and book costs incurred by promising young clergy entering the Texas Annual Conference. Grant funds awarded are distributed over a five-year period to recipients who continue to serve the Texas Annual Conference as full-time clergypersons in good standing.


"It was very surprising that seminary was so expensive. I wrestled with ‘Can I really do this? My faith never wavered that a way would be made….the Ambassadors’ Grant answered my prayers.  This says several things to me: it was good to trust God, to step out and follow what God was calling me to do. But it also really struck home with me that my conference trusted me and wanted to invest, not only in my ministry, but in my life." — Rev. Romonica Malone-Wardley



We are currently receiving applications!

You are eligible to apply if you are:

  • Age 33 or younger at the time of commissioning
  • Serving full-time in the Texas Annual Conference or expect to be as of July 1
  • Completing seminary this semester or if you have already completed seminary
  • Not yet ordained as a deacon or elder in the United Methodist Church

To apply, simply follow the instructions on the application and send the signed application with required documentation to arrive no later than April 1st to Ben Burnside via email at Ben Burnside or mail to Ben Burnside, Center for Leadership Formation, Texas Annual Conference, 5215 Main Street, Houston, Texas 77002.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Rev. Deborah Hawboldt at Click to email.