The College Internship Project is designed to encourage a diverse group of gifted young candidates to enter pastoral service in the Texas Annual Conference, and to equip local congregations to identify and encourage persons with appropriate gifts and graces and a clear sense of call to commit to pastoral ministry.

Interns are sent to serve local churches for several weeks each summer. Interns receive a stipend for their work and connect with one another at orientation and reflection retreat gatherings. Host churches will agree to provide the interns with housing (if needed), mentoring, and a full range of exposure to all facets of pastoral ministry.

At the end of each summer, pastoral interns return to college not only with local church experience, but with relationships designed to sustain them throughout lifelong careers in ministry. 


"The purpose of the internship was to help me discern my call to ministry. And it fulfilled its purpose. I am forever grateful that I chose to be a part of the United Methodist Church because as a young black woman, they have given me immeasurable opportunities and they have helped me discern my call to ministry." — Amber Jones