You are the Light!  It is time to shine into the darkness of human trafficking!

In the state of Texas an estimated 79,000 children and youth are currently victims of commercial sex trafficking.  That’s more children than almost the entire population of Longview and more than Spring, Galveston, or Huntsville. And 79,000 is an estimate which would increase dramatically if all the children being sexually exploited by their own families was known and included.

Human trafficking is the fastest growing organized criminal activity in the U.S. making almost $150 billion a year.  The average age of entry for a child is 12-14 years of age. Houston is a hub of activity, but this evil is happening everywhere, in every community, in your community!

The commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth and adults is supplied to meet the demand. It is time for this evil to be eradicated in our society. And if this darkness is going to be overcome, then the church, those bearing the light of Christ, must get involved.

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Webinar Recordings


Episode 1: Human Trafficking 101 presented by Debi Tengler of Arrow Ministries. Learn the basics of human trafficking and begin to listen to how God might be breaking your heart to engage in the fight against human trafficking.

Episode 2: Disrupting the Demand presented by Joe Madison of Demand Disruption.  Human trafficking is a supply and demand industry.  Join the efforts to shut down the demand in your church and community.

Episode 3: Protecting Your Family presented by Breanna Fowles of Street Grace. Teach the families in your church the warning signs and equip them with ways to let your children not fall prey to online predators.

Episode 4: Efforts in school systems presented by Denise Mears of Project Protect Our Children. Help bring anti-human trafficking efforts to your school system.

Episode 5: Businesses Against Trafficking presented by David Reid of NOV and the RedM movement.  We are Christians in the work force as well and can help our businesses not promote trafficking practices.

Episode 6: The Connection between Trafficking and the Foster Care crisis presented by Amber Knowles of The Riverside Project. Learn how these ministries are connected and listen for how God can help your church with foster care/ adoption ministry and anti-human trafficking ministries.

Episode 7: Direct Intervention presented by Melody Jacob of Elijah Rising and Allison Madrigal of Rescue America.  Want to make a direct impact with those being trafficked? This is your presentation.

Episode 8: Restoration and Hope will focus on how the church can help with restoration residences and efforts.  Want to help the survivors of trafficking heal through the love of Christ?  Watch this presentation.

Episode 9: Why should we care? Lots of issues out there. Listen as Pastor Chris Harrison shares his heart and the answer God has given him about why we should care.