The Communications department provides leadership for the Texas Annual Conference in communications including our newsletter Cross Connection, video production, social media, website management, media and crisis communications, and communications training. 


Communications request form

If you have a communications request, please click the link below to fill out the communications request form so that your project will be added to the que.  We can’t wait to collaborate with your team on your communications project. 

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Our award-winning newsletter, Cross Connection tells newsworthy stories of the Texas Annual Conference’s 635 churches, pastors and leaders. The electronic newsletter is published 22 times a year with notable stories distributed through our social media channels.


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Social media

The Texas Annual Conference social media channels help tell the story of God’s love by informing, encouraging, inspiring and engaging followers of Christ. We also provide resources for the local church to share. Your communications team is very active on all of the social media channels, except TikTok and Clubhouse.

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The communications department shoots, edits and produces hundreds of videos annually for the Conference on topics ranging from the Annual Conference session to our Bishop’s special messages to the churches.


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The communications department is building its Flickr profile and encourages anyone with great pictures of our churches and activities within the Texas Annual Conference please send them to us so we can continue updating and expanding our photo's.

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Media Relations

The communications department loves a good story, especially if we can share your good news with the media to be shared with others. If you have a newsworthy story that is interesting beyond the local church audience, please email Click to email and include the following information:

  • What is the story about?
  • Why is it unique?
  • Why is now the time to cover this story?


Crisis Communications

A subspecialty of public relations, crisis communication is designed to protect the reputation of a church when something goes wrong. If your church has a crisis, our team is here to support you both internally and externally. First call your District Superintendent with the information, then our team can get to work.


Communications Tips

It’s always good to be armed with a few new communications tips and tools. Here are some of our favorites. Let us know if you have others that need to be added to this list.



The communications department offers training in the following areas:

  • Communications 101
  • Video production for the small church
  • Social media 101
  • Crisis Communications

Local Clergy and Congregation Use of Texas Conference Communications Team

The Communication department is always available to clergy and laity from our conference for guidance and support. The department is not equipped to provide services to local congregations with materials in print, design or production, but we are always exploring options for future possibilities.