Church public relations, or PR, creates a positive image between your church and the public to present your church in a positive light. PR can also help influence various groups attitudes towards your church.

This is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most important parts of communications for a local church! We have listed just a few of the tools of public relations below.


Be the expert

Be the church expert in your city that journalists call when a story breaks.


Be the writer

Provide journalists with press releases about newsworthy events.



Be the sponsor

Sponsor events in your community and invite the press to attend.


Be the creator

Become a contributing writer to a magazine or news site and use it to let the community know about your church.

Be the source

Invite a key member of the media to have “a cuppa” and let them know you are available to be interviewed if they ever need you. When the media calls you on your cell phone, immediately return their call!

Be the protector

Make sure the reputation of your church is always protected, especially when a crisis occurs. Our team also provides crisis communications counsel on an as needed basis.