Sign up for the TAC Walking Program and step up your commitment to health. The earlier you enroll and become active, the sooner you’ll start seeing the benefits: more energy, lower health risks and greater vitality to focus on your job and family.

The Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (TAC) has partnered with the Center for Health (a division of Wespath) to bring the Walking Program to our clergy, laity and spouses that are currently enrolled in the Group Health Plan. Attending a Day of Wellness is not required. The program is administered by Virgin Pulse.

How to Enroll

Sign-up at:

You will be asked to provide some personal information, including your name, district, birthday and email address. If you experience problems signing in, please contact Virgin Pulse at 1-800-830-4312. Couples cannot share an e-mail address. Each enrollee must have their own unique e-mail address.

You can order a Virgin Pulse MAX pedometer or Max Buzz or even another tracker on the Virgin Pulse site or you can purchase one at a store (as long as it is on the list of eligible trackers. VP will create a personal LifeZone webpage for each individual to use to track their progress.

What to Expect

Once you are signed up, download the Virgin Pulse App onto your iPhone or Android phone. If you need help, contact the Virgin Pulse customer service department at 1-800-830-4312.

Your pedometer (which ever you choose to use) is the key to tracking your steps every day. The tracker should sync to your phone. The steps logged will automatically upload to the personalized webpage. Plan to check your phone app or log into your VP page often to double check that your steps are being uploaded. While on the App or logged in, be sure and do your ‘Daily Cards’ and ‘Healthy Habits’. They give you other ways to earn points and reach your goal.

Earning VP points

Participants earn points by tracking their physical activity on their pedometer and uploading accrued steps to their individualized participant accounts.

Points are credited depending on the daily step level achieved – 10 points for each 1,000 steps made up to a maximum 140 points (or 14,000 steps) per day.

There are a range of ways to earn more points:

Earning Rewards

Rewards are awarded by quarter - January thru March, April thru June, July thru September, and October thru December. As a participant reaches a goal, dollars will be added to their Virgin Pulse account at each level. See chart:

Earn 1,000 Points

Earn $5


Reach 5,000 Points

Earn $15

Total for quarter $20

Reach 10,000 Points

Earn $25

Total for quarter $45

Reach 15,000 Points

Earn $30

Total for quarter $75


The Virgin Pulse system will deposit the individual rewards into an online account that can be viewed on the participant’s webpage. Dollars can be converted to gift cards or transferred directly to an individual’s bank account.

So what are you waiting for?

Start (keep) walking, riding, running, dancing, playing and moving on the road to health!