Beginning February 25, The Texas Annual Conference begins a week long prayer emphasis for our United Methodist Church, The Commission on the Way Forward, and the Called General Conference set for next year.

It is my prayer that our hearts will align with God’s heart and that God will lead us to a solution that we are not yet able to see with human eyes. The Prayer Institute at Windsor Village United Methodist Church has partnered with us to offer a prayer that we can all pray. I invite each of our congregations to include the attached prayer either as an oral offering during the worship service or as a printed prayer for the congregation to unite in praying.

Download text of prayer (.docx)  En Español (.docx)

Download text of prayer (.pdf)     En Español (.pdf)

In addition, please make the prayer available to your members and constituents (either electronically or in print) inviting them to pray it each day during the week of February 25 - March 3.  

2 Chronicles 7 assures us that prayer and repentance are honored by the Lord with healing of our land. Let us unite then in that effort. In addition to this prayer, I encourage you to reread the book, “Flood Gates” that we distributed at Annual Conference 2016, especially the chapter on "Breakthrough Prayer.”

Devotionals in video and text form will be posted each day during the week of Praying Our Way Forward. Please include the viewing of these videos in your daily discipline. 

Our schedule is as follows:

February 25: Bishop Scott Jones

February 26: Rev. Jessica Lagrone

February 27: John Esquivel

February 28: Amber Jones

March 1: Dr. Chappell Temple

March 2: Leah Taylor

March 3: Reggie Clemons

To participate, return to this page ( each day or follow our social media accounts to watch or read the prayer of the day. We recommend choosing "Going" on our Facebook event to receive notifications for the prayer of the day.