Transformative Pastoral Leadership

Equipping and Enriching 21st Century diverse clergy serving the Texas Annual Conference and beyond

Transformative Pastoral Leadership began in 2017, with its two completed cohorts of over twenty-three participants, as an intentional leadership development initiative designed to strengthen African-American pastors serving congregations in the Texas Annual Conference and beyond. As a means to continue to reinforce the learning from the previous cohorts, and retool African-American pastors for the ever-evolving times, the overarching frame of LEAD ON will be conducted beginning Spring 2021. Over the course of several months, participants will:

  • engage in six online development opportunities;

  • build upon the prior learning from assessments, while integrating new learning around

    the Enneagram, which will help provide a picture of individual gifts and challenges;

  • expand the capacity for strategic and intentional leadership;

  • assess and improve their skills in the areas of leading during liminal times; leading

    through change and conflict, and growing a culture of generosity;

  • cultivate strong peer relationships;

  • develop a clear plan for ongoing learning and vocational growth.

Expectations for Participation

Thanks to the generous support of Texas Annual Conference tithing congregations and carry over unused funds (General Board of Discipleship Ministries and Texas Annual Conference Congregational Development, and District contributions), 15 selected applicants will participate in the full initiative at a substantially reduced cost. Tuition costs cover: program materials, instructional costs, program administration, and coaching fees.

Tuition for the program is $300.00. Congregational support for these expenses is encouraged. Because the program makes significant financial and other resource investment in its participants, it is necessary for attendees to make the following commitments:

  • pledge to attend all sessions in their entirety for the full length of the program (nine months);

  • complete all assessments, reading and writing assignments before each session;

  • maintain an openness to learning and feedback on leadership;

  • integrate their learning and development in their congregational settings.

Admission Criteria

  • Transformative Pastoral Leadership is open to those who:

  • are Elders, Deacons, Associate Members, and Full-Time Local Pastors serving a faith

    community in the Texas Annual Conference and beyond

  • have at least 15 years of potential remaining service to the church

  • receive endorsement by the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee

  • commit to confidentiality

  • are able to cover the participation cost

The initiative is open to 15 participants per year.


The LEAD ON cohort for Transformative Pastoral Leadership will begin March 2021. All gatherings for Transformative Pastoral Leadership will be held virtually, so adequate internet access and computer capabilities are required.

All sessions will convene from 10:00a-1:00p (cst), via ZOOM.

Session I          March 15, 2021                          Knowing the Leader: Enneagram Session 1

Session II         April 12, 2021                             Knowing the Leader: Enneagram Session 2

Session III        May 10, 2021                              Leading in Liminal Times

Session IV        August 16, 2021                         Relationship Management and Decision-Making

Session V         September 13, 2021                  Creating a Culture of Call (Identifying Spiritual Gifts)

Session VI        October 18, 2021                       Growing a Culture of Generosity

Session VII       November 15, 2021                    Leading Strategically: Guiding a Congregation through Mission                                                                                and Vision

Session VIII      December 13, 2021                    Personal Action Plan and Future Fruitfulness


To Apply

Potential participants must complete the application by January 31, 2021. Following a review, selected applicants will be notified of specific details. All Transformative Pastoral Leadership fees must be paid no later than February 15, 2021.

Program Leadership

Participants in the Transformative Pastoral Leadership will have the opportunity to learn from a variety of leading pastors and community leaders from across the country. To support and encourage significant development, Rev. Dr. Aleze Fulbright will serve as the program guide.