What is the Tour de TAC? It is a total of 31 gatherings all across the annual conference to talk about how you can reach your church’s mission field through new faith communities. It’s also a series of bicycles rides in every district across the Conference. 

What are “new faith communities?” New faith communities reach out to our unchurched neighbors in creative ways. Sometimes this means a new church plant but it also includes alternative faith communities to reach those who may never enter the doors of a church.

Is this a bike ride or a series of gatherings at churches? It is both! All riders will be asked to do three things: have fun, be safe, and to let folks in their church know about the Tour de TAC meetings. 

What will happen in the meetings? At each meeting we will talk about (1) The impact of beginning new faith communities in the conference; (2) Our strategy for planting new faith communities; (3) How everyone can support planting in the years to come; (4) How the Office of New Faith Communities wants to support your church in doing evangelism in your community.  

Who is sponsoring the Tour de TAC? The Texas Annual Conference New Faith Communities office in cooperation with all the district offices.

When will the Tour de TAC take place?
 September-November 2018.

When and where will the gatherings take place? Tour de Tac is coming to all nine districts of the Texas Annual Conference. Each gathering will last no longer than an hour and a half. See below to find dates, times, and locations for the meetings.  

Who is invited to attend the gatherings? The Tour de TAC is for every United Methodist clergy and church member.

Who is invited to ride? We want as many people as possible to join in the riding. The shortest ride is about 15 miles. The longest is about 50!  For safety reasons, no one under 12 can be on the road and riders between 12 and 17 must have a parent/guardian riding with them. All riders must wear a helmet and sign a waiver. There is no charge for any ride. All riders will get their own cool “Tour de TAC” t-shirts (Thank you, Methodist hospital!) as long as supplies last. If you have questions about riding, please see below to get the name and contact information for the ride coordinator for each district. 

Why should I care about these gatherings? Missiologist Peter Wagner says it best: “If we are going to reach even more new people for Jesus Christ in our communities, then we must begin reaching out to the community in creative ways.”

Why a bike ride? Riding bikes across our conference does together does three things. 1. It promotes interest in the Tour de TAC and creative new faith communities, 2. It promotes good health habits, 3. It gives us a fantastic opportunity for laughter and fellowship.

See Rules of the Road

Gather with us

Download the Meeting Schedule (PDF)

Rider Registration / Meeting RSVP

Meeting Schedule (See ride schedule below)


9:00 AM

FUMC Athens

9 10 11 12 13 14 15

3:00 PM

FUMC Mineola

8:30 AM

Marvin UMC, Tyler

3:00 PM

FUMC Henderson

2:00 PM

FUMC Marshall

11:00 AM

Grace Crossing UMC, Longview

2:00 PM

Tennison Memorial UMC, Mt. Pleasant

16 17 18 19 20 21 22

3:00 PM

Hardy Memorial UMC, Texarkana

23 24 25 26 27 28 29

3:00 PM

Journey of Faith, Humble




  1 2 3 4 5 6

3:00 PM

Foundry UMC, Cypress

7:00 PM

Klein UMC, Spring



7 8 9 10 11 12 13







14 15 16 17 18 19 20

3:00 PM

Westbury UMC, Houston

7:00 PM

Chapelwood UMC, Houston

3:00 PM

Holy Trinity UMC, Houston

7:00 PM

Grace UMC (Heights), Houston

10:00 AM

Christ Church UMC, The Woodlands




        1 2 3

9:00 AM

Columbia UMC, West Columbia

3:00 PM

Chapelwood UMC, Lake Jackson

4 5 6 7 8 9 10

3:00 PM

Jones Memorial UMC, Houston

8:30 AM

First UMC, Sugarland

1:00 PM

Faith UMC, Richmond

10:00 AM

Brenham First UMC

7:00 PM

West District Office,  College Station

3:00 PM

Huntsville FUMC

3:00 PM

Livingston FUMC


9:00 AM

Kountze FUMC

4:00 PM

Wesley UMC, Beaumont

11 12 13 14 15 16 17

2:00 PM

Temple UMC, Port Arthur

5:00 PM

Winnie FUMC


8:30 AM

Central UMC, Galveston

3:00 PM

Faith UMC, Dickinson



Ride Schedule

Rider Registration / Meeting RSVP

Download Ride Schedule (.PDF)

Download Ride Waiver (.Docx)

Bulletin Insert (.PDF)

Rules of the Road 

Cycling safely and considerately is vital to ensuring the safety of other riders as well as your enjoyment of the tour. The Tour De TAC is conducted on roads with vehicular traffic. Roads include both marked and unmarked hazards. Though we go to great lengths to make the ride as safe as possible, always remember that safety is your responsibility and follow these rules when riding:

• Tour de TAC is a ride, not a race. We welcome riders of all skill levels.   Please be aware and    considerate of others throughout the route.

• Wear a helmet at all times: NO EXCEPTIONS. 

• Carry ID and relevant medical information.  

• Headphones and ear buds are prohibited.

•  Rules of the road apply; cyclists have the same rights and duties as drivers of other vehicles. 

•  Ride single file where necessary, with a maximum of two abreast when conditions allow; do not impede traffic.

 • Ride as far right as reasonable. 

• Obey all traffic lights, signs and regulations.

•  Pass on the left only, and announce your presence with “Passing,” “Hello,” and “On your left.” Do not pass if you see a double yellow line.

•  Use hand signals to indicate any road hazards, stops, slowing, right and left turns.

 •  Pack snacks, water and weather gear.

•  Respect other riders, volunteers, host communities, motorists, pedestrians, law enforcement and the environment.

Please note: We reserve the right to cancel a ride at any time due to weather, safety or other emergencies.

For more information about your district's rides, please contact your district ride coordinator.

District Name Cell Phone # Email
Central North District  Mark Welshimer (832) 714-1099 markwelshimer@gmail.com 
Central South District  Collin Taylor (281) 740-2897 collintaylor@graceintheheights.org
East District Steve Woody (832) 594-3261 stevewoodyumc@yahoo.com
North District Ben Bagley (903) 280-5430 revbagley@aol.com
Northwest District Jason Smith (214) 724-8878 obedient_life@yahoo.com
South District  Joel McMahon (832) 472-7577 jmcmahoniv@aol.com
Southeast District Sadie Brinks (936) 676-1022  sadie@umt.org
Southwest District John Stephenson (281) 341-8200 john.stephenson@faithumc.org
Southwest District Marty Vershel (832) 714-0193 mvershel@fumcmc.org
West District Sam Cutrone (979) 571-9469 revsam1127@gmail.com