Team Based Ministries & Volunteer Recruitment




Cari Brenek   

Hi! My name is Cari Brenek. I am currently the executive director at Good Shepherd UMC. Since joining the staff at GS in 2007, I have spent most of my years in Children’s Ministry, some in Adult Ministry, and now, as Executive Director, I oversee Children’s and Student Ministries. My husband, Glen and I have been married for 25 years. We have 5 amazing kids ages 18-23. Pro-tip: Avoid calling or texting me during an Astros game. I watch all of them.

Because I was the first Children’s Ministry Director at GS, my team of volunteers and I had the distinct task of giving structure to all that had been happening in the ministry. We tried a bunch of things, failed as much as we succeeded, but in the end, we found a system that has stood the test of time. We learned a lot about recruiting – what works, and what doesn’t. We put together a great team of volunteers who love what they do. In fact, some of those original volunteers are still serving in children’s ministry today, almost 15 years later. I am so happy to pass on things we learned, maybe eliminating the need for you to make all the mistakes we made in the beginning.                               


April Canik    

Kingdom-focused communication is one of my passions. I am April Canik, and I am an Accredited Business Communicator working to leverage communication tools and techniques from the business world to help churches tell their story and the gospel message with greater impact. I draw from my very rewarding experiences as a former staff member and as a consultant to the Texas Annual Conference, a workshop leader for the Vibrant Church Initiative, and as a former church communication director. I look forward to helping churches of all sizes any way I can. 

A lack of Leadership can be more critical and impactful to a church than a lack of funding, which makes volunteer recruitment essential. As a strong proponent of collaboration, April has tips and ideas to help churches identify and train people for ministry – from the level requiring no special skills up to levels where volunteer leaders lead other leaders. She has served on several boards and recruited dozens of volunteers in the business world and faith communities and enjoys helping others be successful in this important endeavor.      

  Bradley Doherty

Bradley has worked in professional camp ministry for over 15 years. Currently he serves as the Director of Program and Ministry at Lakeview Methodist Conference Center. He has worked with Churches, Families and organizations who come to Lakeview to create experiences that focus on bringing guests a meaningful experience. That includes fostering meaningful relationships and intentional programming to create life-long memories. He is passionate about coming along side people and helping them take the next step in their faith journey.

Bradley has his level one ACCT certification. He has led team building for youth, corporate groups, sports teams, churches, leadership groups and more for over 15 years. He has the ability to tailor team-building to the groups needs and desired outcomes.


Jan Floro

Jan is highly sought after by congregations who desire a better understanding of who God is calling them to be and need help with defining and implementing a plan of action to become that congregation.

Jan is the owner of Grow Church Now and consults with churches who have questions to answer to move forward in living out the Vision and Mission that God has given them. She has been consulting with churches since 2007 and has had the privilege of working with United Methodist congregations of all sizes and demographics, located across the Texas Conference.

A recent study estimated that about a hundred million people volunteer each year, so why is it so challenging to get people to volunteer in the church? Let us help you put a plan together to identity volunteers, match the volunteer with their spiritual gift and the skill set required, train volunteers, and keep volunteers!