Live Streaming

Sessions of Annual Conference will be live-streamed on this page at and will be made available on demand following Annual Conference.

Watch Texas Annual Conference live at

Streamed videos will be posted to for on-demand viewing.


Streaming Schedule 

Sunday 7:00 Episcopal Address

Monday 8:30 am               Business Session I

Monday 9:20 am               Morning Devotional

Monday 10:00 am  Laity Session  (Grand Ballroom)

Monday 1:30 pm               Memorial Service

Monday 3:00 pm               Business Session II

Monday 7:00 pm               Celebración-Hispanic Ministries

Tuesday 8:30 am              Morning Devotional (Grand Ballroom)

Tuesday 8:50 am              Clergy Voting Session (Grand Ballroom)

Tuesday 2:00 pm              Service of Honoring Retirees

Tuesday 3:00 pm              Laity Voting Session (Grand Ballroom)

Tuesday 7:00 pm              Service of Commissioning & Ordination

Wednesday 8:30 am  Service of Sending Forth (Grand Ballroom)

Wednesday 8:50 am  Business Session III 

Wednesday 10:30 am  Business Session IV

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