Sunday, May 28 
              5:00pm Board of Ordained Ministry Dinner
              7:00pm Opening Celebration of TAC 2023!

Monday, May 29
              8:00am Clergy Session
             10:00am Laity Session 
              11:45am Laity Luncheon (click here to register
                             Clergy Spouses Luncheon
                                    (Tickets $35 - Contact Nancy at )
                             United Women in Faith Luncheon
                                    (Contact Stacie Hawkins at )
               1:30pm Memorial Service
               3:00pm Business Session
               5:30pm Reconciling United Methodists Meeting
                             U-35 Dinner
                                    (Tickets: $25 each or $60 for a family of 3+ - click here to register)
               7:00pm Ordination Rehearsal at FUMC Downtown

Tuesday, May 30
               7:30am Order of Deacon's Breakfast (Tickets: $25 - click here to register)
                             That We May Be One Breakfast (Contact )
               9:00am Business Session
              11:30am Retirement Service
             12:00pm Black Methodists for Church Renewal Luncheon
                                    (Contact Deborah Estes at )
                             Methodist Children's Home Luncheon
                                    (Contact Allison Allen )
                             Perkins School of Theology Alumni & Friends Luncheon
                                    (Contact Rachel Holmes at )
                             Retiree Luncheon (Contact Ginger Neely at )
               1:30pm Business Session
              4:45pm Commissioning and Ordination Dinner
                            United Women in Faith Meeting and Dinner
                                    (Contact Theresa Graham at )
              7:00pm Commissioning and Ordination Service at FUMC Downtown

Wednesday, May 31
              7:30am Clergy Women's Breakfast (Tickets $23 - click here to register)
              9:00am Business Session
We are already preparing a place at the table for you!