The Texas Annual Conference is meeting in person this year at Hilton Americas-Houston May 29 - June 1, 2022. We look forward to seeing each of you at TAC 2022! 

Hilton Americas-Houston room reservations are now open.

Our Texas Annual Conference 2022 dates are Sunday, May 29 – Wednesday, June 1, 2022. Room rate is $145.00 per night.

You can call 1-800-HILTONS and use the SRP codeword: 1PX and the block rate will automatically be figured.

Or you can make reservations online here: 

Looking forward to seeing each of you at TAC 2022! 

AC 2022 Registration is now open

All Clergy and Lay Delegates should receive an email with a link to register for TAC 2022.  If you have not received this link, please contact your District Office so that they can look into your status as a delegate.  We look forward to seeing everyone at conference this year.

To begin planning and preparing for AC 2022. We have three forms that are available now for reserving meeting space, display space, and space for meals and special events. 

Please click on the links below for more information and to download forms:

Reserve Meeting Space

Reserve Display Space

Reserve Meal/Event Space


First Day of Annual Conference

Monday, May 30, 2022

8:00 am-6:00 pm  Registration-Clergy & Laity (4th Level)

Bracketed numbers indicate minutes allowed for each report. Please note your position on the agenda and move toward the chancel area before your report is called

9:00 am                   

Business Session I (Grand Ballroom)                   

Greeting & Introductions by Bishop Jones [5]

Roll Call-Rev. Russell Hall & Rev. Trey Burns [5]

Memorial Day Recognition [5]

Consent Calendar-PCJ 26-27 [5]

Chancellors’ Report-Mary Daffin & Frank Jones [5]                                   

The Missions Team & the Advance Special-Rev. Michelle Hall-PCJ 50-52 [5]

9:30 am                    Morning Devotional by Rev. Tom Teekell

9:45 am                    Break

10:00 am                 Laity Session (Grand Ballroom)

10:15 am                 Clergy Session (Ballroom of the Americas ABC)

12:00 pm                 Lunch Break

1:30 pm                    Memorial Service   (Grand Ballroom)

                                 Preacher: Rev. Luis Ramirez

2:50 pm                    Break

3:10 pm                    Business Session I

Recognition of Administrative Assistants

Lay Leader Address-John Esquivel PCJ 47-48 [15]

Texas Methodist Foundation Report-Tom Locke PCJ 198-199 [15]

Lydia Patterson Institute-Dr. Socorro de Anda PCJ 189-190 [10]

Board of Ordained Ministry Report-Dr. Linda

Christians-PCJ 64-66 [20]

Retirement Video [10]

Center for Leadership Formation-Rev. Morris Matthis

Clergy Leadership-Rev. Deborah Hawboldt & Rev. Marquice Hobbs PCJ 61-66 [15]

Church Leadership-Rev. Robert Besser PCJ 67-75 [20]

TAC Coaching Network

Church Awards Video-Bishop Jones PCJ 73-74 United Women in Faith [5]

Racial & Ethnic Ministries-Rev. Dayimi Pimentel & Rev. David Johnson PCJ 76-80 [20]

Hispanic Church Initiative Rev. Arturo Cadar PCJ 79-80

Board of Higher Education & Campus

Ministries-Tim Turner PCJ 75-76 [5]

Intentional Interim Ministries-Rev. Bonnie Osteen PCJ 66-67 [5] 

New Faith Communities-Rev. Morris Matthis PCJ 90 [5]

Retirement Video [10]

Prayer of Adjournment for the Day

5:00 pm                    Dinner Break

7:30 pm                    Hour of Prayer (Grand Ballroom) You are

                                         invited to enter this room in a spirit

                                         of prayer and spend this time praising

                                         God, thanking God, confessing to God,

                                         interceding for others and offering your

                                         own petitions.  Bishop Jones will open

                                         and close the hour with prayer.

Second Day of Annual Conference

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

9:00 am                    Business Session III

                                 Greeting & Introductions by Bishop Jones [5]

                                 Center for Connectional Resources-Rev. Carol Bruse-PCJ 94-95

                     Safe Sanctuary Report-Rev. Raegan Seaton PCJ 180 [10]

        Archives & History Video-Rev. Jacob Smith & Rev. Bill Hedges PCJ 181 [5]

     Local Church History Awards

9:30 am                    Morning Devotional-Rev. Tabitha Mock

9:45 am                    Break

10:00 am                 Business Session IV

                                Committee on Episcopacy-Dr. Deborah Vaughn-PCJ 181-182 [10]

                                Center for Connectional Resources-Rev. Carol Bruse

                                Board of Pensions Report-Greg Williams PCJ 140-158 [10]

                    Group Health Benefits Report-Rev. Seann Duffin  PCJ 159ff [10]

                                CF&A Report & 2023 Budget-Don Morriss PCJ 95ff [10]

                                Treasurer’s Award

                                Board of Trustees-Hal Sharp-PCJ 127ff [10]

                                Disaffiliation Requests-Hal Sharp [10]

                                Consideration of Resolutions-Bishop Jones PCJ 28ff [30]

                                Resolution #1-“Proposal to Prevent HateSpeech” PCJ 28-29

                                Resolution #2-“Forward in Love” PCJ 29-34

11:30 am                 Retirement Service

12:00 pm                 Lunch

1:30 pm                    Business Session V

                                 Houston Methodist Hospital Report-Drs. Marc Boom & Charles Millikan [20]

                                 Lakeview Methodist Conference Center Report-Josh Pulver-PCJ 187-189 [20]

                                 Methodist Retirement Communities Report-Alan Brown-PCJ 192-197 [20]

2:50 pm                    Break

3:10 pm                    Business Session VI

                                 Consideration of Resolutions-Bishop Jones

                                 Resolution #3-“For a 2/3 Majority to Remove the TAC from the UMC” PCJ 34-38

                                 Resolution #4-“Reasoning With Grace” PCJ 39-42

                                 Future Discernment Task Force-Re. Kip Gilts PCJ 53-56 [10]

                                 Prayer of Adjournment

5:30 pm                    Dinner

7:00 pm                    Commissioning & Ordination Service-Bishop James Swanson Preaching

Last Day of Annual Conference

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

9:00 am                    Business Session VII

                                 General Conference Delegation Update-Dr. Tom Pace & Dr. Don House [10]

                                 Communications-Shannon Martin [5]

9:30 am                    Morning Devotional-Rev. Dwayne Thompson

9:45 am                    Business Session VIII

                                 We Love All God’s Children-Rev. Jill Daniel-PCJ 56-58 [15]

                                 Community Health Initiative-Jessica Somerville-PCJ 58-61 [10]

                                 Retirement Video [10]

                                 Disaster Readiness-Gary Flaharty [10]

                                 Global Ministries & UMCOR-Roland Fernandez

                                 TUMCA-Jim Lewis [5]

                                 Conference Leadership Team Report-Rev. Kip Gilts PCJ 48-49 [20]

                                 Accountability Sub-Team-Rev. Christi Hale

                                 Collaboration Sub-Team-Rev. Reggie Clemons

                                 Innovation Sub-Team-Bea Garza

                                 Retirement Video [10]

                                 Unfinished Business

11:30 am                 Sending Forth Service-Bishop Jones [30]

Special Guests

Bishop James Swanson-is a native of Houston. Bishop Swanson attended Houston ISD schools and graduated from Wheatley High School in 1968.

After graduation, he served in the Army for three years apart of that time he served in Vietnam where under the tutelage of two Army Chaplains he obeyed the call of God to the ministry. Upon receiving an Honorable Discharge from The US Army James returned to Houston and enrolled as a student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry at Southern Bible College in Houston. He completed that degree with honors in the Spring of 1977 and was accepted in The Master’s of Divinity program of the Interdenominational Theological Center through the CH Mason Seminary. In 1980 James graduated from the ITC with a Masters of Divinity concentrating in Pastoral Ministry and Christian Education. In 1997 he enrolled in a Doctorate of Ministry degree program at Southern Methodist University Perkins School of Theology with a concentration in Evangelism. Rust college and the Gammon Theological Seminary awarded Honorary Doctorates to James in 2013 and in 2016.

Bishop Swanson is currently completing his 10th year as the resident bishop of the Mississippi Conference.

Bishop Swanson is currently completing his second quadrennium (2016-2020) as the president of the General Commission of United Methodist Men . Swanson is a member of the International Association of Methodist Schools, Colleges and Universities (IAMSCU). He also serves on the board of trustees for Emory University, Gammon Theological Seminary, Rust College and Millsaps College.

Swanson has preached, lectured, and led workshops in over 20 nations worldwide and throughout the United States.  He and his wife Delphine Ramsey Swanson, have six married children and 23 grandchildren

Schedule of Events

Saturday, May 28,2022

6:00 pm                    Cabinet Dinner (Private Home)

Sunday, May 29, 2022

10:00 am                 UMSC Staff Kick-Off Brunch (Room 335 AB)

2:00 pm                    TAC 2018 Registration (4th Level)

3:00 pm                    Remember Me Photography Studio (Room 333)

3:00 pm                    United Women in Faith Meeting (Room 338)

5:00 pm                    BOM Meeting & Dinner (Room 335 AB)

6:00 pm                    Childcare (Rooms 342-346)

8:30 pm                    Candidates Practice (Grand Ballroom)

Monday, May 30, 2022

All day                       Childcare (Rooms 342-346)

All day                       Clergy Spouse’s Hospitality Room (Room 334)

All day                       Display Fair (2nd & 3rd Levels)

All day                       General Information Booth (4th Level)

All day                       Prayer Room-Celebration Women (Room 430)

All day                       Remember Me Photography Studio (Room 333)

7:30 am                    That We May Be One Breakfast (Ballroom of the Americas DEF)

8:00 am                    Registration Continues until 8 pm (4th Level)

11:30 am                 Christian Educator’s Fellowship (TCCEF) Luncheon (Room 340 AB)

11:30 am                 Wesleyan Covenant Association Luncheon (Ballroom of the Americas DEF)

12:00 pm                 Clergy Spouse’s Luncheon (Room 335 AB)

5:00 pm                    Hispanic Ministry Dinner (Ballroom of the Americas DE)                    

5:00 pm                    Friends of Wesley Foundation Dinner (Fuddrucker’s on the SW Frwy)

5:00 pm                    U-35 Family Dinner (Lake House on Discover Green)

5:15 pm                    Reconciling United Methodists Meeting (Ballroom of the Americas ABC)

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

All day                       Childcare (Rooms 342-346)

All day                       Clergy Spouse’s Hospitality Room (Room 334)

All day                       Display Fair (2nd & 3rd Levels)

All day                       General Information Booth (4th Level)

All day                       Prayer Room-Celebration Women (Room 430)

All day                       Remember Me Photography Studio (Room 333)

7:30 am                    Order of Deacons Breakfast (Room 340 AB)

12:00 pm                 Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Luncheon (Hearsay on the Green-1515 Dallas)

12:00 pm                 Black Methodist’s for Church Renewal Luncheon (Ballroom of the Americas E)

12:00 pm                 Celebration Women’s Ministry Luncheon (Room 335 AB)

12:00 pm                 Methodist Children’s Home Luncheon (Ballroom of the Americas C)

12:00 pm                 Perkins School Friends & Alumni Luncheon (Room 339 AB)

12:00 pm                 Retiree Luncheon (Ballroom of the Americas AB)

5:00 pm                    Commissioning & Ordination Dinner (Ballroom of the Americas ABC)

5:00 pm                    United Women in Faith Dinner (Room 340 AB)

8:30 pm                    Commissioning & Ordination-Meet & Greet (4th Level)

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

1/2 day                     Childcare (Rooms 342-346)

1/2 day                     General Information Booth (4th Level)

1/2 day                     Prayer Room-Celebration Women (Room 430)

1/2 day                     Remember Me Photography Studio (Room 333)

7:45 am                    Clergywomen Breakfast (Room 335 AB)