Texas Annual Conference August 14 - 15, 2020

Bishop Scott Jones has announced that the date for the 2020 Annual Conference, originally set for late May, has been postponed until mid-August to protect the safety and health of members in the Texas Annual Conference. The Annual Conference is now a two-day, hybrid event slated for Friday, Aug. 14 and Saturday, Aug. 15.

To ensure enough room for social distancing, instead of gathering in one location, delegates will meet at multiple sites that connect them together electronically for the event. Sites are currently being determined. There will be locations throughout the Texas Annual Conference where delegates can gather – and connect with the primary broadcast site at The Woodlands UMC. There will be at least one location in each district for clergy and lay delegates to attend. Those who pre-register for each location will have priority and no one else can be allowed once a location reaches their capacity. Due to social distancing and the limited space available, no guests will be allowed, however, a live stream of the sessions will be publicly available for those who wish to watch proceedings. 

Voting will be taken by paper ballot and counted by hand. Lunches will be available for $10 each day. Friday and Saturdayadjournment will be set at 5:30 so people can make their own dinner arrangements. 

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