Single Board Governance Model Structure




Rev. Ben Bagley

I am currently the Sr. Pastor of St, Luke’s UMC in Kilgore Texas. I have served throughout East Texas over the last thirteen years and have led churches of varying different sizes.  I have enjoyed ministry in two-point charges as a local pastor, been the associate at a larger church, and led ministry in my own solo appointment.  I have been married for thirteen years and have four children.  During my time in ministry, I have completed a Bachelors in Business Management from Stephen F. Austin State University, a Masters of Divinity from Perkins School of Theology, and another Masters in Business with a focus on Human Resource Relations from Louisiana State University Shreveport.  

I believe that both my education and experience in churches have given me the ability to bring a great deal of expertise to many areas.  Over the past several years as a part of the APL program, I have focused extensively on self-awareness and how to lead well given my strengths. A huge tool in this learning and growth has been through the enneagram.  This tool allows each person to come to a deeper understanding of how God is working in their life as well as ways to better use the gifts God has given them. I have attended multiple seminars as well as led several workshops both on individual growth and parenting well using the enneagram.

Financial Oversight, Change Management, Conflict Management, and Staff Management are all areas that not only have I worked in extensively in ministry, but also have received ongoing education in.  I believe that while churches are very different than many businesses, many business practices can teach us a great deal of how to lead in these different areas.  I have also learned that many of these areas are interconnected.  Many times, a conversation in financial oversight is also an exercise in conflict management.  Because of my education and experience with different churches, I believe I can help churches navigate these conversations well and come to a solution.  

When I came to St. Luke’s UMC, we had a traditional governance structure. Through VCI and several different conversations, we decided to invest our energy in the Single Board Model.  We navigated through the change and created bylaws which helped us to create a very effective new Single Board Structure.  This shift in governance models has helped us be nimbler and more responsive as a church especially during the time of the covid pandemic.              

Rev. Bryan Harkness   

Bryan Harkness is the pastor at FUMC Chandler where he has served for seven years. Prior to serving at Chandler, he served for four years as the pastor at Woodville UMC and for five years as an associate at Klein UMC. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience serving in small town churches  

Bryan is the pastor at FUMC Chandler. In the first year of serving Chandler, Bryan successfully implemented the one-board model of church leadership. He is familiar with the challenges as well as the benefits associated with transitioning a church from the traditional model of leadership to one board. 




Rev. Charles Jordan

As I am writing this, I want to reflect upon the power and love of Christ as he has empowered me to be a pastor for the last 32 years. I am blessed to have been married for the past 34 years and have five kids and eight grandkids. I have served churches across the Texas Annual Conference from Northwest Texas to East Texas to the Houston area to Southeast Texas, very small congregations to mid-sized congregations. I have seen Christ mold and shape all of these congregations through his Word and his Spirit.

Four years ago, Woodcrest UMC, the church that I am currently serving, transitioned to The One Board Model for our leadership team. I have a PowerPoint that can take a congregation through the process as well share some of the strengths and potential pitfalls of this leadership team model.

As mentioned earlier, I have been a pastor for 32 years, serving various sizes of congregations, one of the things that I have missed is having a mentor, a pastor to come alongside, to pray with me, encourage me, help guide me in the struggles of pastoring as well as balancing my family life. I believe I have much to give in this area of ministry to those who need someone to come alongside them.

One of the things that I have learned in my ministry is that God moves powerfully through prayer. We have a mighty prayer ministry here at Woodcrest. I believe that through these faithful who pray throughout the week and on Sunday mornings, God is pouring himself out on us and through us here at Woodcrest. I use many different guides for prayer: Book of Common Prayer, listening to the Lord, Puritan prayers, prayers from scripture. I can teach a seminar on prayer or guide a leadership team in starting a prayer ministry at your local church.

Rev. Cesar Martinez

Hi, my name is Cesar Martinez, and I am the Pastor of CrossRoads UMC. I grew up here in Houston in the Spring Branch area and graduated from U of H. I got my MDIV from Perkins after answering the call to ministry. My wife’s name is Karina and I have a daughter named Shibelle and son named Elisha. 

I have had the experience of guiding a congregation through its transition into a single board model. We have operated under this model for 4 years successfully. With this experience and knowledge, I can help walk both Pastors and congregations navigate this process from beginning to end and offer continued guidance as it is implemented. 

Rev. David McGlocklin

Rev. David McGlocklin has an undergraduate degree in civil engineer where he developed communities in the private sector for 20 years in Southern California. His call to ministry still includes developing communities, but his employer no longer has a 20-year limited warranty plan but an unlimited and eternal plan. In seminary, he was appointed to plant a church and in his previous appointment he led a group of 7 churches through a multi-year process to successfully merge into a new start 3 campus multi-site, multi-generational, multi-ethnic, and multi-language ministry in San Bernardino California. David served at all levels of leadership in the Cal-Pac conference, having been the lay leader of his district, district chair of congregational development (a combined committed of Building & Location and Planning & Strategy), chair of the district evangelism committee and corresponding conference committees and was elected to Conference Leadership Team in 2010, the year he was ordained where he served as the chair of the Conference Leadership Team for 3 years. Since moving to Edgewood in 2019, he has served on the NW District Leadership Team and NW District Building and Location. In 2021, he moved his orders to the Texas Conference

Pastor McGlocklin has initiated, developed, and led three different congregations in the process of setting up a single board governance model. He has setup a single board model for a medium size big city church with a 9-voting member board and lots of task forces, a 7-church merger to a 3 campus multi-site, multi-language, multi-generational church with 15-voting members and an executive team and a small rural church with a 7-voting member board. All three were different, but pastor McGlocklin helped guide them in the process of voting to move to that model, developing the model for the board and writing the bylaws. His work as the first executive pastor of the 3-campus merged church included setting up a new 501c3, incorporation, banking accounts, staff development, GCFA organizational setup and single board governance documents. Pastor David would like to work with you and your team to understand how a single board governance model works and then walk beside you in the development and implementation of your plan.

Rev. Dr. Steve Stutz

Raised in the UMC, I started ministry working with youth while in college

The Rev. Dr. Steve Stutz is an ordained Lutheran minister who has served rural/small town congregations in west Texas, as well suburban/inner city congregations in the metro Houston area. He has worked extensively with clergy and congregations of the Texas Annual Conference in a wide variety of consulting roles since 2014. He is a certified church consultant through the Society for Church Consulting and teaches at the Houston Graduate School of Theology.

Dr. Stutz is trained to assist congregations with forming effective leaders, to include staff development, church council training and support, and planning. This may include a “360 Assessment” to allow pastoral leaders to gain valuable feedback through an assessment taken by their team members and supervisors, peers, and those they serve regarding their ministry.

Team Building Workshops (i.e., Enneagram/DiSC, Conflict Management, Trust Building, other specific issues facing the local congregation, etc.), Church Council workshops that clarify roles and expectations, long range/strategic planning as well as working through topical issues facing leaders in the moment are all possible areas for development.

Rev. Fred Willis

Raised in the UMC, I started ministry working with youth while in college before being ordained in 1997. Since then, I have been a pastor both in rural East Texas churches as well as communities along the Gulf Coast. Most recently I have been serving in the suburbs of Katy. This has exposed me to a wide variety of settings and cultures for ministry in our Conference.

Besides my work in Youth and Camping Ministry, I have spent a time in the Methodist Healthcare System of Dallas as a Chaplain, completing 2 credits of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education), received certification as a Pastoral Counselor through Krist Samaritan Counseling Center, and was trained by Coaching4Clergy, learning to stand alongside Pastors.

Most recently, I was one of original members trained to bring the Vibrant Church Initiative to our Annual Conference, spending several years walking alongside clergy while coaching the congregations. One of my biggest passions is to help congregations discover their own way to make Disciples and take Christ into their own unique settings.

After leading my own congregation through the proves of developing their One Board Model, I have consulted with several other congregations on the benefit to this shift in leadership.