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What is RSS?

RSS is basically just a condensed version of a website’s content stripped into a “feed” that certain programs can read.

What do the letters stand for? 

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, but it is also sometimes used as an acronym for Rich Site Summary or RDF Site Summary. They are all technically accurate, but without getting into semantics it is simply a publishing tool for a website that gives users more control and accessibility to the content they want to receive. 

What does it do?

RSS pulls the content from specific sections of a website and creates a feed which allows users to select the content they want to subscribe to and essentially republish it on their own page through a feed reader, news aggregator or other such syndication program.  This way, users can target feeds from multiple websites to their personalized page and read the most recent headlines from several sites without having to go to each site individually. Then, if they see a headline that interests them, they can click on that headline and navigate directly to the relevant story or section of that website. 

How can I use it?

There are many feed-readers available, all with their own customizable features and looks. They also have their own way to set their program up, so by going to their websites you can find directions on how to set up and use each one. There are several free ones available in addition to some applications that cost. Some require registration or an e-mail address through their site, while others do not.