What would it look like if every working hand in the United Methodist Church was directed by a heart strangely warmed by the Holy Spirit?

Roots is a ten day spiritual journey for young Methodists to examine and grow their understanding of mission by exploring post-Christian England and the life of John Wesley.

This immersion experience in England is for ten United Methodist young adults. The idea behind Roots is that, by going back to roots of our tradition, we give ourselves permission to re-ask and explore basic questions: What is Mission? What is Church? What is my calling?

As community, we will journey together with these questions, seeking out thin places to encounter God, as John Wesley did at Aldersgate. Within Roots you will find aspects of pilgrimage, intentional community, mission and retreat. We will engage with the Church in England, past and present.

We will experience radical hospitality and elements of British culture. We will enjoy living and traveling in community and being in such an amazing place (there will be opportunity to do touristy-stuff!)

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