As a member of the Congregational Excellence Team, The LLCV Coordinator works with the district teams, cabinet, and other conference teams to determine the best strategies to support lay leadership excellence and vitality at the conference and local church level. This position is responsible for developing and monitoring processes to assess the vitality of local churches. The LLCV Coordinator will also develop conference-wide lay leadership strategies that support the implementation of conference-wide sharing of best practices, provide reliable follow-up and reporting on the impact of strategies and solutions that have been implemented. They will ensure compliance with church discipline and external regulations, actively participate in the application of lessons learned for continuous improvement and establish and maintain positive relationships with key conference stakeholders as needed. See more details in attached job description.

 Contact: Susan Petersen

 Address: 1207 SW Executive Dr. Topeka KS 66611

 Phone: 785-272-9111

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