You might need more relationship building in your ministry diet. 

Relationship building consists of the personal and professional relationships we have with others – family, friends, and colleagues.

Signs that you may need more relationship building:

  • You feel like you are not spending enough time with your family. 
  • You have less than three trusted friends in whom you can confide.
  • The last time you met with other clergy for leisure was over two months ago. 


You are not alone.

Having a busy pastoral schedule can make forming relationships difficult; however, nurturing friendships and spending quality time with family is vital to your quality of life and your ministry.

Check out our programs for relationship building


Annual Conference – Our annual gathering of clergy and lay leaders from around the Conference. Learn More


Peer Groups – We encourage clergy to be involved in a group with other clergy for fellowship and learning. Learn More


Residency Program – The two year process for pastors who have just been commissioned, on the path to ordination. Learn More


Advancing Pastoral Leadership – A five-year, cohort-based leadership program for pastors with at least 30 years of potential remaining service to the church. Learn More


Transforming Pastoral Leadership – A leadership development program for African-American clergy, currently in its first year. 


Extension Ministry Breakfast – Every year, extension ministers gather for fellowship, learning, and time with the Bishop. 



Refresh – Refresh is an opportunity for recognition, resourcing, and renewal made available every five years to pastors in active service. Learn More



Strengthening County Seat and Strategic Churches – A 12 month peer learning academy for county seat and strategic pastors. 

Order of Elders/Order of Deacons/Fellowship of Local Pastors – Every year these groups gather for retreats, to learn and grow together.



The Gathering – Our annual retreat for clergy. Learn More



Pre-Retirement Seminar – Every other year, the Center for Clergy Excellence hosts a Pre-Retirement retreat and time of learning.


Retiree Retreat and Luncheon – Every year at Annual Conference, retirees gather for lunch.  There is also a retreat.



U35 – Every year at Annual Conference, clergy, laity and candidates 35 and under gather for fellowship. Learn More


  Marriage/Single/Family Retreats – A variety of retreats are offered. Look for updates in the clergy e-newsletter. Learn More

See all of our clergy development programs and learn more about the balanced ministry diet.