Radical Hospitality

In 2018 the Radical Hospitality team will be developing ways to include everyone in our mission fields.  Our goal is to assist churches in welcoming each and every child of God into our congregations and "second families".  By building relationships within and without the walls of our sanctuaries, we will be joining the Conference in offering creative ways to Relate, Engage, Adapt and Lean into the work of the Gospel.

“REAL” discipleship takes real effort!  Let us help you and your church body create new initiatives, open new doors, and assist in the creative endeavors necessary to be an ambassador of God’s Holy Spirit.  This way we will contribute in the greatest endeavor on earth - the formation of Christ’s disciples around the world and in our neighborhoods as well!

Additionally, the Radical Hospitality team has the privilege of hosting the Texas Annual Conference banquet of Copeland Award winners.  Churches across the Conference, in all membership/size categories, who have achieved the greatest growth in worship attendance the previous year, are identified and celebrated for their collective achievement.   The “Copeland Award for Evangelism” is a distinct honor and is always a joyous celebration amongst the pastors, church members and cabinet representatives. We look forward to serving you!