Friends, thank you for your leadership as delegates to the Texas Annual Conference and as members of the United Methodist Church. Every four years we elect leaders to serve on Conference Committees, Commissions, Agencies, and Boards (also known as “Teams”). We are a year off on that routine due to restructuring proposed by the Strategic Mapping Team and schedules adjusted by the Covid19 pandemic. Therefore, our elections that were scheduled to take place in 2020 will take place in 2021 with the hopes of returning to a four-year rhythm in 2024. You will find, on this page, several resources designed to provide clarity as to our Conference Rules, our Nominations Process, and the Conference offices for which we are developing a pool of nominees. Please take the time to review these and prayerfully consider where God may be leading you or someone you know in conference leadership. God’s Peace! - Kip Gilts

Conference Rules and Structure

Nomination Positions Descriptions

Nomination Process    

Video: Kip Gilts Explains the Nomination Process

Nominee Questionnaire