Falling into the Psalms

Take the Psalm-a-Day Challenge in September 2019.

We see the words recorded on every page in the Psalms, an array of raw emotions. From fear to trust. Sorrow to joy. Anger to peace. Sometimes the words are shockingly candid, but only because we’ve all been there.

The songs penned over 2,500 years ago are the same songs we as Christ-followers sing corporately in our churches today and will continue to sing together for years to come. As a writer, I love that the Bible was the first book ever printed on the printing press!

“Falling into the Psalms” is a daily devotion for September written by clergy and laity from all over the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

It is my hope that as we continue to move into this time of uncertainty in our world and our denomination, you will bathe in the rich words of the Psalter.

Let’s use this forum to encourage one another and to build one another up in sisterly and brotherly love. Leave comments for the writers here and if there is someone you know that needs to see a particular devo, please share a devotional or two. And as we live into God’s promises, let’s continue to depend on God and Praise His Holy name!

Bishop Scott J. Jones

Each day, beginning September 1, a new devotional will be added below. Please share with your friends via the  buttons at the bottom of the page or by sending a link to: https://www.txcumc.org/psalms

Daily Devotionals:

Psalm 1: Blessed or Wicked? You Choose

Psalm 8: From Nobody to the Ultimate Somebody

​Psalm 13: Doubt or Faith? Trusting God, Even When We Can’t See His Face

Psalm 16: What do David and Wolverine Have in Common?

Psalm 22: We Are All Afraid of The Dark

Psalm 23: A Radical Message of Trust for Anxious Times

Psalm 24: Building a Legacy

Psalm 27: Patching the Problem Never Works

Psalm 30​: Dawdling for the Divine

Psalm 34: Blessing the Lord at All Times

Psalm 38: No Health in My Bones

Psalm 40: Being a Patient, but Not “Feeling Patient”

Psalm 42: I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Psalm 42: God's Presence is Enough

Psalm 46 - Our Strength and Refuge

Psalm 49  “In Money we Trust” Not!

Psalm 51 The Danger of Indifference

Psalm 55 - Turtles Remind Me to Rest and Take Shelter