Prayer Ministry




Rev. Ed Blackstone

Ed Blackstone was a board-certified trial lawyer practicing in Dallas, Texas before returning to East Texas, entering seminary at SMU, and becoming an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church.  He is in his 20th year as a United Methodist Pastor and is semi-retired.

Ed's particular interest is in prayer and spiritual formation.  He can teach, train, or provide information about resources for those interested in enhancing a life of prayer and spirituality within the church.




Rev. Dr. Janice Gilbert

My goal in life is to glorify God by using my gifts and serving others.  I enjoy helping others see possibilities in changing times.

I am a Certified Christian Life Purpose Coach with an extensive background in pastoring, education, and counseling (past 25 yrs.) who loves seeing others discover and utilize their gifting as agents of change. I believe it is pertinent that leaders are supplied with the necessary tools and strategies needed for effectiveness. As such, I believe God has given each of us the grace to serve in the world. 

I have authored serval books designed to enhance and support spiritual development and encouragement “Spiritual Stolen Identity: Recovering your Identity”, Prayer Manuals along with several devotionals.  (Effects Christian Life Coaching)

My experience as Pastor, Consultant-Coach, Educator and Writer has prepared and equipped me to help others with development of systems, structures, organization and strategies for change and effectiveness for Clergy and Congregations. 

Prayer is at the foundation of a believer’s relationship with God. It is a means of grace that provides comfort, joy, support and strengthens our lives.  It is our connection with the Father and foundational for the Church. (Matthew 21:13,” It is written, “he said to them. “My house will be called a house of prayer.)   To be able to provide assistances with the development and to be a resource in the area of prayer is another way to serve others and God.

Rev. Charles Jordan

As I am writing this, I want to reflect upon the power and love of Christ as he has empowered me to be a pastor for the last 32 years. I am blessed to have been married for the past 34 years and have five kids and eight grandkids. I have served churches across the Texas Annual Conference from Northwest Texas to East Texas to the Houston area to Southeast Texas, very small congregations to mid-sized congregations. I have seen Christ mold and shape all of these congregations through his Word and his Spirit.

Four years ago, Woodcrest UMC, the church that I am currently serving, transitioned to The One Board Model for our leadership team. I have a PowerPoint that can take a congregation through the process as well share some of the strengths and potential pitfalls of this leadership team model.

As mentioned earlier, I have been a pastor for 32 years, serving various sizes of congregations, one of the things that I have missed is having a mentor, a pastor to come alongside, to pray with me, encourage me, help guide me in the struggles of pastoring as well as balancing my family life. I believe I have much to give in this area of ministry to those who need someone to come alongside them.

One of the things that I have learned in my ministry is that God moves powerfully through prayer. We have a mighty prayer ministry here at Woodcrest. I believe that through these faithful who pray throughout the week and on Sunday mornings, God is pouring himself out on us and through us here at Woodcrest. I use many different guides for prayer: Book of Common Prayer, listening to the Lord, Puritan prayers, prayers from scripture. I can teach a seminar on prayer or guide a leadership team in starting a prayer ministry at your local church.

Amy Vogel

Amy is called to pray, write, preach, and grow the body of Christ in the great adventure story God is writing. She loves to help people find Jesus and see them discover the significant purposes they’ve been created for. Having grown up in the United Methodist denomination, she now leads at Upper Room Heights, helping others get connected to their faith, individually and in a diverse community. Her devotional, Third Person: Thirty Days with the Holy Spirit, opens the door to a deeper Christian spiritual experience. She and David have been married for twenty years and have three daughters, Natalie, Sophia, and Ella.

Amy serves the church in several key areas, including discipleship, prayer, social and racial justice, and spiritual formation. Having been a volunteer leader inside and outside of church settings, she has a vision for how to apply faith in Christ to the struggles of life, often in innovative ways. Through technology, unique experiences and personal interaction, Amy has formed deep relationships, started groups, created, and led Bible and topical studies for diverse audiences, coached other volunteers to step into ministry leadership and was an essential contributor to the launch of Upper Room into the Greater Heights area. She curates the vision for the culturally relevant spiritual growth model of Upper Room Heights - for all age groups. She is heavily engaged in pastoral care efforts, which help the church maintain the flexibility needed to provide ways for people to grow spiritually and in community. She founded the near decade old prayer ministry that grew to include weekly prayer services, a rotation of volunteers, creative methods of prayer, training on intercession and inner healing, as well as partnerships with other churches and ministries around Greater Houston. This ministry is now venturing into the digital space to broaden and encourage people to pray – for themselves and others – wherever they are in the world. Her experience with social and racial justice is heavily connected to the learning and personal experience of being a volunteer and on staff at multi-ethnic church. Her heart, ways of thinking and actions have been challenged and shaped through the opportunities of walking in life and faith with others different from her. She continues to seek out new ways the congregation can partner in the justice efforts in Houston.