Prayer Guide 

Prayer Theme: Mutual Love & Unity

May 1 Pray that the United Methodist Church will demonstrate to the world how fellow Christians can love one another.

May 2 Pray for understanding and harmony within our body as we grapple with these complicated issues.

May 3 Pray that our love for one another will not waiver during this challenging season.

May 4 Pray for peace within Texas Annual Conference churches, even as differing views exist.

May 5 Pray that we remain united in our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

May 6 Pray that the United Methodist Church will demonstrate to unbelievers how Christians can love and respect each other even when we differ in our opinions.

May 7 Pray for compassion for and generosity to even those with whom we disagree.

May 8 Pray that we might encourage one another with a holy kiss, kind words and respect.

May 9 Pray for the leaders of Texas Annual Conference and every pastor and member attending. Ask the Lord to descend upon this conference with a spirit of Catholic Spirit and love, and that all involved embrace the words of our founder John Wesley: “Though we cannot think alike, may we not love alike? May we not be of one heart, though we are not of one opinion?”

May 10 Pray for those outside of the Texas Annual Conference to see Christ’s love through our actions and words as we consider important decisions.

May 11 Pray for unity and mutual love to grow within your local church both now and in the coming months.

Prayer Theme: Wisdom

May 12 Pray for the Texas Annual Conference delegates as they educate themselves about the voting decisions that will be presented during the Annual Conference.

May 13 Pray that our ears would be open to those around us and that each one of us would be still and know that He is God.

May 14 Pray for wisdom over your church leaders as they shepherd their flock, understanding there may be differing opinions even within your congregation.

May 15 Pray for laity to seek wisdom and understanding about the future of the United Methodist Church.

May 16 Pray for godly wisdom for the Texas Annual Conference delegates.

May 17 Pray for delegates and leaders to fully understand the United Methodist Church and the Global Methodist Church plans and to work in mutual love to decide the best step forward.

May 18 Pray for the wisdom of delegates as they consider how to approach conversations and discussions about these issues.

May 19 Pray for wisdom of other Annual Conferences throughout the United Methodist Church, which are also facing difficult decisions.

Prayer Theme: Future

May 20 Pray for spiritual protection over our delegates as they prepare for this important decision-making.

May 21 Pray for God to be glorified through whatever decisions are made.

May 22 Pray for Texas Annual Conference Executive Leadership as they prepare for Annual Conference.

May 23 Pray for stamina, health and protection for each person serving at Annual Conference and for our worship to be a holy offering to God.

May 24 Pray for the Lord to give each delegate a heart of discernment.

May 25 Pray for Bishop Jones as he leads the Texas Annual Conference and your pastors and local church leaders as they shepherd your congregation.

May 26 Pray that there is a clear outcome from the work of this Conference that all may understand and that those who may not agree can yet accept the decisions that are being made.

May 27 Pray for laity to have trust in the delegates to make the best decisions for Texas Annual Conference.

May 28 Pray for last-minute preparations as delegates begin to arrive.

May 29 Pray for the opening session of Annual Conference to have a spirit of peace.

May 30 Pray the delegates feel a spirit of prayer as they enter the first full day of Annual Conference.

May 31 Pray for continued love and respect to be shown during Annual Conference.

June 1 Pray for our Texas Annual Conference that we may continue to greatly impact our communities, state and the world through the Gospel of Jesus.

June 2 Pray for godly discussions during today’s Extended Cabinet Meeting.

June 3 Pray that the churches around the world are able to come together to continue advancing the Gospel to every country, community and neighborhood in the world.