Even in a connectional system, clergy are not always connected. Clergy in accountable peer relationships report experiencing greater satisfaction in ministry, and fewer symptoms of isolation, fatigue, anxiety and burnout.


In order to decrease isolation among Clergy and to offer an opportunity for accountability, all active Texas Annual Conference clergy (persons under Episcopal appointment) are invited to participate in a peer group or one-to-one accountability relationship. Clergy are expected to report participation by November 1 each year.


Peer groups are currently self-initiated or organized through other organizations. Those in Residency prior to Ordination are assigned Residency Covenant Groups, which fulfill this expectation. In order to fulfill the peer group requirement for clergy, all groups must:


1.  meet regularly to hold one another accountable;

2.  recognize a Facilitator and membership list; and

3.  share a written covenant of confidentiality.


Conference clergy may choose to be in a one-to-one accountable relationship with another counselor, coach, mentor, or spiritual director. Any of these options fulfill the “peer group” requirement. Counselors, coaches, mentors, and spiritual directors will not need to be approved individually by the Center. However, both persons must sign a covenant of understanding and confidentiality, and meet regularly. 


If you have any questions regarding peer groups or accountable relationships, please call the Center for Clergy Excellence at 713-521-9383.