Pathway to Planting: 

1.     Connect

Let us know of your interest in planting a church. Send Jeff Olive a note ( or call him at (713-521-9383).

2.     Personal Interview

You will be contacted and together we’ll set a date and time to talk. 

3.     Initial Assessment

You’ll be asked to fill out two free church planter’s online assessments (CPP and EAS). This will identify areas of established strength and other areas needing development as you consider planting a church. We will also ask you to send us a video or link to one of your worship services.

4.     Assessment

Church planter assessment is one key factor to church planting success. The New Church Leadership Institute is a four-day experience for potential planters to discern their call and gain the knowledge and skills needed for this type of ministry.

5.     Debrief

Now it’s time to clarify your calling. Together we will discuss your assessment experience and determine next steps.

6.     Proposal

You’ll prepare a detailed proposal covering your prospective church planting area, target group and any specifics of the church planting project. You will be provided with specific questions. 

7.     Agreed Appointment

Following the acceptance of your proposal, the Cabinet will name the appointment.

8.     Training

Upon your appointment being named, you will attend the 3-day Basic Training Boot Camp. This training will prepare you for the first 18 months of church planting.

9.     Strategy and Benchmarks

The planting pastor, spouse, coach, District Superintendent and Conference New Church Director meet to agree on the planting pastor’s strategy, benchmarks and financial commitments. These benchmarks will be reviewed every 6 months to one year.

10.  Plant a Church

The pre-planting process is complete and your appointment is fixed. Your new journey begins July 1. You will be provided with ongoing coaching and resources to contribute to your success.