Passionate Worship

Passionate worship is brought by leadership who prepare to lead worship with all of their skill and heart combining with a congregation ready to shed their personal agendas and enthusiastically participate in corporate worship. Together they discover, celebrate and worship the God who loves them, who invited them, and was waiting for them all along.  

The Passionate Worship team is a collection of experienced leaders representing every aspect of the worship environment. From music to preaching, decoration to sound and lights, service design to multicultural outreach, our team is ready to help the local church reach its potential in worship.



The Passionate Worship team is working on building a selection of resources that we find helpful so that you can go to the same places for ideas, materials, and products. Both electronic sources and traditional print resources will be available for you. Let us know what you are looking for and we will try to point you in the right direction.



If your church is ready to take a big step in worship, i.e. a new service or a major facelift/redesign of an existing service, our team can provide someone with consulting experience to guide the process.



The Passionate Worship team is ready to help you through any worship need with one-on-one coaching.


Worship Training

The Passionate Worship team is available to provide a training event for a group of churches or at the District level.