On-Line Church



Rev. Dr. Keith Broyles        

I have been a pastor in the United Methodist Church for 30 years, 20 of those years as an elder. Many of the congregations I have served during that time have been small-membership congregations along with a few mid-sizes and slightly larger. I have taken advantage of various educational opportunities including using media in worship and Charis spiritual director’s training. My wife, Cindy, and I live in Lufkin, TX. We have two grown sons and six grandchildren.

Many smaller congregations do not have a presence on the internet. In the digital world we live in, congregations need that presence as residents new to the community search the internet before they pick up a telephone book or newspaper. I can help you establish that internet presence.

Additionally, following Hurricane Harvey, my community was under mandatory evacuation orders due to extreme flooding. To work toward a sense of hope in our community I researched and began online worship at First UMC in Sweeny using Facebook Live. The participation exceeded our wildest expectations. We made online worship a part of our regular worship ministry moving forward. With COVID we all saw the need for an online presence in our worship as we all may have to use it on an ongoing basis.

Rev. Trey Comstock, III 

My ministry journey began at the age of 15, when I became the sound tech (and terrible background singer) of my youth group’s praise band. From there, it’s been quite a journey. I studied Theatre and Political Science at the College of William and Mary and hold a Master of Education from George Mason University, a Master of Public Health from Emory University, and a Master of Divinity, also, from Emory University. In between semesters, I worked as an international missionary and researcher, primarily in Kenya and Paraguay with shorter term pieces all over the place. I’ve been a playwright, worship media technician, middle school special education teacher, researcher, documentary film maker, missionary, and, finally, pastor. Grace church is the fifth congregation that I’ve had the joy of serving. Before coming to Palestine, I was the pastor at Lexington UMC and Blue UMC, in Lexington and Blue, Texas. Prior to that, I was the founding Associate Pastor of CrossRoads UMC in Pearland, Texas, and the Pastor-in-Charge at Smith Chapel UMC in Tunnel Hill, Georgia.

Everywhere I served, I built video production systems, got more media into their web presences, and built a sustainable volunteer force to manage it. Over the years, I expanded my work to include helping other churches do the same. Especially throughout the pandemic, I worked with over a dozen churches and non-profit building low-cost video production systems that are affordable for small and medium sized churches and can be run by volunteers. The tools for creating a meaningful online worship experience have never been more attainable. My goal is to improve the digital presence of churches that would not normally be able to afford elaborate video production systems connecting them to a world of cost-effective gear and simple to run systems, and, to teach churches the techniques that make online worship more effective – regardless of how involved the production.

Rev. Dr. Craig Gilbert  

Rev. Dr. Gilbert is currently the Pastor of Worship at Friendswood UMC. He has provided guidance to almost 50 churches in the Texas Annual Conference in his role as worship consultant. Craig was the Worship Director for the TAC for six years, planning and leading worship for the annual event. He has also worked with many churches across the country, as well as personally instructing over 5,000 worship pastors and worship leaders from across the globe on a variety of congregational worship issues. His book, Launching a New Worship Community, was released by Upper Room Books in August of 2021. Craig works closely with Discipleship Ministries and Path 1 Church Planting to help UM churches around the country with developing, designing and launching new worship services, re-imagining, and re-launching existing services and even planting new churches. Craig is a national faculty member of the National Worship Leader Conference, member of the Advisory Board of Worship Leader Magazine, former contributing editor to Worship Sound and Song Magazine.

This is the “worship frontier” for many churches. COVID brought all churches into the online world, some for the first time. Navigating everything from technical issues, appropriate copyright licensing, to designing and executing worship services that are online friendly and engaging to an online congregation are all tasks that churches now face. Rev. Dr. Craig Gilbert designed and launched the first online service for Sugar Land FUMC in 2009. His specialties in Online Church include designing worship specifically to help engage online worshipers and navigating the copyright issues unique to online worship. Got online church questions? Craig can help.           

Rev. Stephen Goldsmith

Stephen Goldsmith is a husband and father with a passion for creating bridges that help others reach their greatest potential.  Prior to being appointed as the Lead Pastor of Journey of Faith UMC, Stephen toured as a professional musician with noted Gospel Music artists including Fred Hammond, Donald Lawrence, Yolanda Adams, Michelle Williams (of Destiny’s Child), Marvin Sapp, and more.  Stephen received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Audio Acoustics with an emphasis in Audio Recording Engineering from Columbia College Chicago and possesses 20yrs of music production experience.  In addition, he has gathered 34yrs of experience as a worship leader with a passion for facilitating worship that meets traditional and contemporary preferences.

As a veteran worship director, I will work with leadership teams to develop and employ practical methods for fruitful worship ministries.  Thus, fruitful worship ministries incorporate music ministry that is contextually fruitful.  The pandemic forced a great majority of congregations to develop online worship experiences.  Having a production background afforded an opportunity to identify necessary equipment for our audio/visual team at Journey of Faith to improve our online presence as a result.  Moreover, as a ministry specialist, I have an opportunity to help our sister churches identify practical marketing and branding strategies, radical hospitality, and mission-minded community engagement. 

Rev. Enid Henderson

Enid S. Henderson currently serves as Pastor of Ebenezer United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.  Previously, she served as Executive Pastor of Jones Memorial United Methodist Church, giving leadership to all areas of ministry, leadership development, communication, branding, and provided administrative oversight. Prior to serving in fulltime ministry, Enid was founding owner and Chief Executive Officer of ESH Public Relations & Advertising firm specializing in strategic planning, strategic marketing and communications, graphic and web design, and advertising and public relations. Enid has more than 20 years of experience and expertise in these areas with a client portfolio that included small to large businesses, professional athletes, political figures, authors and speakers, universities, and churches. Enid earned a Master of Divinity degree at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Journalism with an emphasis of Public Relations from Texas Southern University.

On-line Church is more than just streaming Sunday morning worship services and counting video views. On-Line Church creates opportunities and avenues for discipleship, evangelism, and fellowship through strategic engagement. My proven experience and strategies in helping churches launch a new On-Line ministry, or improve an existing model, extend over a period of 15 years. Although technology has enhanced and streamlined the way we approach and implement On-Line Church, there are some fundamental best practices that can help churches drive engagement, and build community, to reach new people for Christ.                       

Erik Henson

I am a lifelong follower of Christ, cradle Methodist, husband, father, musician, teacher, bookworm, and all-around nerd for telling stories through media. My fundamental aim on Sunday morning is to let absolutely everyone who comes through our doors know that they are welcomed, wanted, and loved, and there is nothing they can do about it. My goal in working with volunteers and small group members is to remind us that we are disciples who are called to make new disciples, and there is much we can do about it. I am passionate not only about answering my personal call to ministry but equipping others to answer their call to active discipleship too.

While already experienced producing recorded worship elements with DSLR cameras and portable recording equipment, 2020 brought an extreme sense of urgency to produce worship for in home viewing that works in real time. I have experience setting up remote control NDI cameras and network ready audio consoles to work together on an Audio/Visual/Broadcast sub-network to livestream worship services and large Bible studies. My excitement for this mode of worships similar to my passion for the extended table at communion. We have the opportunity to be in worship and do many with people that cannot be physically present. On-line church is much less about our ability to “wow” viewers, and more about making sure we are meeting the spiritual needs of our congregation, wherever in the world they might be. 

Rev. JT LaRue

Hey, I am Rev JT LaRue, I am a LLP here in the North District having been appointed at Soules Chapel UMC and Perryville UMC.  I am originally from East Texas, but I’ve spent the last 25 years living all over the country working for the Federal Government in various Technology Positions.  Since moving back to Texas 8 years ago I have spent 7 of those in the Houston area working in Youth Ministry and Audio/Multimedia Technology in the South District.   I have been working in technology and media for the last 30 years.  In addition to the technical specialties, I have also worked with numerous churches on their Office Management and Church Database Management systems.  


Rev. Russell Martin

My name is Russell Martin, and I am here to equip, encourage and empower you for ministry any way that I can. I know that ministry was not easy before the past few years, and now it seems like it is even more challenging. But I believe you have been called to be a light in whatever context you find yourself, and I want to help you burn even brighter.

I currently serve as the lead pastor at Lake Houston UMC in Huffman, Tx. I am a local licensed pastor and a certified candidate for ordination in the United Methodist Church. I currently attend Asbury Theological Seminary, and I am working toward my MDiv. Additionally, I am a certified ministry coach through the National Association of Youth Ministry Certification

Over the past 25 years, I have worked in the United Methodist church mainly in student ministry, contemporary worship, missions, communications, technology, online ministry, and leadership development.

Rev. Cameron Supak

Growing up, the idea of being a Pastor never once crossed my mind, in fact, I was dead set on being a military lawyer and a politician. Praise the Lord, because, in 2005, God intervened in my chosen path and called me to a life in ministry. After a transformational UMARMY, I decided to kick the idea of going to law school and instead attend Seminary at Duke University. Since joining the Texas Annual Conference, I have served as an associate at Atascocita Methodist Church and in 2017 I was appointed as Senior Pastor of two rural churches in Falls County: First UMC Marlin and Cedar Springs UMC. 

As a Millennial, I have been around technology for as long as I can remember. However, it wasn't until I was a senior in college that I built my first (of many) gaming computers and then later started building for others. As it turns out, the exact specs that you need for a high-performing gaming computer are the exact specs you need to stream, edit, and produce quality online content for your churches.  I specialize in identifying the computer hardware needs of a church in order for them to increase its online presence. In particular, I have an eye for enabling small churches to get online with a minimal budget. Having had the opportunity to serve small congregations during the pandemic helped me understand the constraints of smaller churches in the digital presence front. In my tenure at Marlin UMC, I have brought it from minimal online presence to online streaming and updated digital infrastructure. 

On a personal note, I married the love of my life Kayleigh, and we began our lives together in June 2021. We also have two dogs (Maverick and Greta) and enjoy Aggie Football, all things history, and gaming. I will begin my Doctor of Ministry studies at Baylor University in Fall 2022. 

Rev. John Thomas

My name is John Thomas, and I am currently serving Troup and Walnut Grove UMC. I have been serving small churches since 2012 at New Summerfield and Pierce’s Chapel UMC, Mount Vernon UMC/Neches UMC, and finally at Carroll Springs UMC before being appointed to my current appointment in Troup/Walnut Grove UMC. I am happily married to my wife (15 years and counting!) and have two wonderful kids! I look forward to hearing from you! 

I am highly passionate about small membership churches in the realm of online worship and Technology. Specifically in podcasting sermons and worship services. This levels the playing field a bit between smaller and bigger churches and gives small membership churches more of a voice in the crowded world of online worship and digital platforms. 


Joe Ulrich   

Hey, I am Joseph Ulrich. I am a husband, father of five, and currently the Director of Productions at Marvin United Methodist Church in Tyler, Texas. Working in church production began with a love for music. Through the years I’ve worked closely with audio, video, lighting, and broadcast systems.

I have become well acquainted with the production needs of online church. Whether you’re just getting started, troubleshooting, or working on improvements, I’d love to help you put together a livestream that is resilient, and that looks and sounds great.

Trevor Warren    

Trevor is able to help your Church’s communications ministry in various ways ranging from strategic planning to content production/design. As a former church communications director, Trevor is able to help your congregation understand the essentials of church communication, both internal and external, and will help you to develop a church communications strategy that is tailored to your specific ministry context. Trevor can also offer a vast array of outside tools and resources that will help to further support and grow your church’s communications ministry going forward. In addition, Trevor is able to design and produce both print and digital media for your church’s ministries. This includes media such as graphics (i.e., logos, sermon/worship graphics, advertisements, etc.), video production (i.e., promos, interviews, livestream, etc.), and audio production (weekly sermons, podcasts, etc.)”  

Rev. Irv White

Prior to answering the call to pastoral leadership in 2005, I spent twenty years as an Emmy Award winning television news and sports reporter and anchor in Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, Texas, and Tennessee.

For nineteen years I served as Director of Marketing for Windsor Village UMC, ten of those years as an associate pastor.

I consider myself to be a pretty good storyteller with lots of DIY knowledge in graphic design, video production, and launching a virtual worship service.  If you are looking for creative ways to elevate the look and feel of your church among your members and the community I can probably help.

I can help you create and execute simple marketing strategies that will allow you to be consistent and effective in telling your church’s story.