Office of Assistant to the Bishop

The Assistant to the Bishop serves as the Chief of Staff for the Texas Annual Conference Staff, organizes the work of the Annual Conference Sessions, and provides staff support and leadership in the Conference Leadership Team, Annual Conference Committee on Nominations, the Annual Conference Planning Team, The Missions Team, and the Church & Society Team. The Assistant to the Bishop also represents the Texas Annual Conference on boards at Houston Methodist Hospital, Methodist Retirement Communities,  and Lakeview Methodist Camping and Conference Center. The Assistant to the Bishop serves on both the Appointive Cabinet and the Extended Cabinet. The Assistant to the Bishop is one of three directors (along with the Director of The Center for Leadership Formation and the Director of the Center for Connectional Resources) who meets with the Bishop monthly to assess vision implementation and discuss current events and issues impacting the ministry of the Texas Annual Conference. Staff members related to communications, disaster readiness, We Love All God’s Children, and the Church and Community Health Initiatives report to the Assistant to the Bishop.

The Reverend Kip R. Gilts has served in the role of the Assistant to the Bishop since July 1, 2020. Prior to assuming the A2B responsibilities, Kip served as a District Superintendent in the South and Central North Districts. He has served as pastor of churches in College Station, Pasadena, Richmond, Pattison, Sugar Land and San Leon. He also served as a hospital chaplain and a hospice chaplain and is a strong advocate for Clinical Pastoral Education encouraging candidates for pastoral ministry to spend their internships in CPE which promote pastoral identify, clinical excellence, and educational opportunities in exceptional degrees. Kip is married to Tammy since 7/7/77 at 7:07. They have two children (Chelsea and Zac), both of whom are married. Every Friday is Grandpa Friday for Kip who enjoys spending his Sabbath time with his grandchildren.                                                           Rev. Kip R. Gilts