Why I am Hopeful About the United Methodist Church

Date Posted: 6/13/2016

Rev. David Briggs
Rev. Briggs is hopeful because “we got Jesus right.” Our heritage, our hermeneutics and our hope instill in him a sense of who we are as United Methodists. Wesley stepped outside the status quo to take the gospel to where the people were and that is now in our DNA. Listen to the full sermon.

Rev. Hannah Terry
Rev. Terry shares her feelings of hunger for answers – how do we participate with God to move forward in unity and be the church for people of different cultures, languages and needs. She reminds us that challenges bring clarity of identity and that Christ wants to feed our hunger and feed the hunger in our communities through us. Listen to the full sermon.

Rev. Jacob Breeze
Rev. Breeze identifies United Methodists as “blood and water people because God is a blood and water God.” It is in the sacraments where God shows up. There we are able to join in communion with God and experience a sense of the constant communion to come.  Listen to the full sermon.