UMC Volunteers Respond to Houston Area Flooding

Date Posted: 5/9/2019

Texas Annual Conference volunteers assembled 400 flood buckets, hygiene & schools kits for delivery to Texas flood victims in the Kingwood area where over 400 homes flooded Wednesday, May 8.

Thanks to all the volunteers who pitched in from Strawbridge United Methodist ChurchHumble Area Assistance Ministries and Elm Grove Elementary School all in Kingwood, Texas. The United Methodist Church Texas Conference Disaster Ministries staff is always ready when a storm strikes. Please let us know if your church or community needs assistance.

Sugar Land was another area that was hit hard with flooding and some elementary schools remained closed Thursday morning. Several inches of rain in a 4-hour window caused water to enter the first floor of Christ UMC. Volunteers erected a barrier at the side entrance and slowed it's entry, but some still entered through weep holes between the bricks.

They used several shop vacs to suck up the water and mitigate potential damage, resulting in only an inch of water getting into the main areas. Several volunteers were working this morning to dry and clean up the ground floor and parking lot, as well as strengthening their barrier in case of additional rains.