UMC "Not the Only One" Campaign Launches Billboards in Houston

Date Posted: 12/17/2019

Be on the lookout for UMC billboards near Little York and Dairy Ashford during the Christmas season in Houston.
The United Methodist Church has launched the “Not the Only One” advertising campaign to help offer encouragement through community.
Research continues to emphasize people are experiencing a growing sense of loneliness. In fact, nearly half of Americans feel alone or left out, and it’s taking a mental and physical toll on them.
“The advertisements seek to resonate with those who identify themselves as spiritual, socially conscious and seeking meaning in their lives, but who are not affiliated with a church. Surveys show many are craving meaningful relationships,” shares Poonam Patodia—chief marketing officer for United Methodist Communications, the church agency responsible for marketing of the denomination.
“We invite them to find love, joy and peace by joining a welcoming community.”
The new ads encourage people to visit a local United Methodist church and share their faith journey with others. They celebrate diversity and promote reaching out to others. They acknowledge that true friendship and love aren’t always easy to find.

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