The Glue that Binds Us Together

Date Posted: 1/11/2018

By: Sherri Gragg
In Zimbabwe, students listen attentively to their professor as they study to enter the ministry…
Restorative Justice Ministries share the love of Christ with those impacted by incarceration…
And throughout the UMC, young clergy hear the good news that relief from their overwhelming student debt is on the way. These three scenarios have one thing in common: They, along with scores of other ministries, receive vital funds through Apportionments.
Better Together
No one beats Texas when it comes to sharing the love of God with the suffering, marginalized, and spiritually hungry. Each and every day, the Texas Conference and the UMC worldwide work tirelessly to bring the Kingdom of God not only to those in spiritual poverty, but to the masses who suffer the ravages of our broken world in the physical realm. The funds raised through apportionments are the fuel of valuable ministries in Texas and throughout the world.
When new members join Williams Memorial UMC in Texarkana, Senior Pastor Dr. Brad Morgan makes sure they have a copy of the statistical data concerning the wide range of ministries supported through Apportionments. He wants to ensure newcomers understand that the opportunity to participate in funding UMC global ministries is a blessing. “Through apportionments we get to participate in something much larger than ourselves,” he said “As we come together in our connectional system, we can be more of a blessing together than we are apart.”
It is a conviction echoed by lifetime Methodist, and lay-leader of the Texas UMC, John Esquivel. Just as members of a family sacrifice to support each other when they are in need, Esquivel believes churches throughout the UMC are meant to be accountable to one another and help each other. Esquivel asserts that it is this deep bond, forged by the connectional system, that makes us who we are. “From my perspective, Apportionments are part of the glue that holds us together as Methodist,” he said. “Through this system I feel a part of my brothers and sisters throughout the denomination.”
The Conference is deeply grateful to the churches who joyfully meet their Apportionments. As each church continues to join their brothers and sisters in this effort, the UMC will shine the light of God’s love across Texas and into countless dark corners of suffering throughout the world.