THE DOORS ARE OPEN: East Texas Church Helps Fellow Sanctuary from Closing

Date Posted: 7/25/2019

By: Mye Owens
Republished with permission. Original post


Every year thousands of churches across the country are being forced to sell their property or even close doors, some right here in East Texas.
Sunday morning service is a tradition for millions, but for a church in Flint, its been a struggle to keep people in the pews.

“This whole story begins with the membership of Flint United Methodist Church reaching out to DaySpring and saying hey we know that God is not finished with this community,” explains Pastor Matt Stone, with Dayspring United Methodist Church.

Founded in 1983, Flint United Methodist Church opened its door, but like thousands of others, attendance started declining.
“Somewhere along the way they lose touch with the people around them somewhere along the way turn inward,” explains Pastor Stone.
With online streaming services, and many trading their bibles in for brunch, getting people to sit in pews is becoming harder.
To help, Flint United asked Dayspring to step in and take over. Now, Dayspring will have another campus in Flint.

“The gospel is a story of death and resurrection, we think that’s exactly what’s going on in this church,” says Pastor Stone.
With nearly 10 thousand churches closing its doors every year, Pastors say the key to turning that around can be found inside.
“We have a church that is already healthy, a church that is already successful, a church that is already vibrant saying we want to now multiply our ministry,” describes Rusty McKee, who will lead the new Dayspring campus in Flint.

With a little paint and some renovations, Dayspring is hoping to inspire the Flint community.
“Life has a cycle to it, so what does it mean for a church to close it’s doors, that another church can be born in its place,” says McKee.
Rising again, to serve parishioners.

“The church doesn’t exits for the sake of the church, the church exits for the sake of the world,” says Pastor Stone.
By keeping the door open, Dayspring is hoping the world will follow its lead.

Dayspring UNC will have its first service at the Flint location on October 13, 2019.

Republished with permission. Original post