Texas Impact Sponsors State Wide Health Justice Sabbath Nov. 18-20

Date Posted: 10/28/2016

Texas Impact is providing multiple opportunities to educate Texans of faith about the important health care decisions our Legislature will face when they convene in 2017. 
Texas Impact is sponsoring a statewide Health Justice Sabbath November 18-20 where we are asking local congregations to address health or health justice in some way. More info is at www.abovepoliticstx.org

We hope your congregation or group will take one or more of these key steps:
1.    Participate in Texas Impact’s first annual Health Justice Sabbath
2.    Distribute the Interfaith Sign-on Letter encouraging the 2017 Texas Legislature to support a solution to the state health crisis in your local congregation or groups. We have made it available via hard-copy as well (attached). 
3.    Promote and use Texas Impact’s faith-based Health Justice resources
Texas is at a crossroads. Federal officials are changing their patterns of funding low-income care. Texas has depended on federal funds to sustain hospitals and health care systems throughout the state—now the Legislature will have to decide whether to make health insurance accessible to low-wage Texans, or to leave local leaders to find a solution.
These decisions will impact the quality of life for all Texans. As key stakeholders in local communities across the state, Texas faith communities have an opportunity and a responsibility to provide insights and guidance to policymakers. You can help your congregation and local leaders learn about the choices Texas faces and why they are important to communities of faith.
Health Justice Sabbath
Your Health Justice Sabbath event could be as simple as including a special prayer for health and healing in worship…or it might be a bigger project, like a forum or health fair your whole community can attend. Or maybe a few congregation members could volunteer at a local low-income clinic. If you can’t hold your Health Justice Sabbath observance Nov 18-20, feel free to choose a time that works better for your congregation. Register your congregation to participate or find more Information online at www.abovepoliticstx.org and invite other faith leaders to participate. 
Interfaith Sign-on Letter
Texas Impact is providing an opportunity for Texans of faith to add their name to a statement urging the Texas Legislature to support a solution to the looming health care crisis. The statement is attached in a form that may be passed around in person or online at: https://texasimpact.org/content/support-solution-interfaith-community-calls-coverage-expansion We hope that you will encourage other members of your congregation and networks to sign on either via the link or this hard copy. 
Faith-Based Resources for You
Visit http://www.abovepoliticstx.org/resources/ to find worship resources like prayers and sermon starters…policy resources like county-level fact sheets…and denominational resources like social statements and curricula.