Texas churches send supplies to Louisiana

Date Posted: 9/9/2021

By Lindsay Peyton - En Español
Churches from the Texas Annual Conference sent two large trucks of supplies to Ida survivors over the weekend. And churches will continue to fill up trucks and send them until their needs are met. On Sunday, Sept. 5, Bishop Scott J. Jones and his wife Mary Lou headed to Baton Rouge, unloading boxes of supplies alongside some 50 volunteers from Broadmoore United Methodist Church. And this is just the beginning of how the TAC Churches plan to help its Louisiana neighbors.
“This is the first double truck load of supplies we have received,” Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey of the Louisiana Conference said.
On Monday, the TAC’s Disaster Readiness Coordinator Rev. Godfrey Hubert brought another truckload of supplies to Slidell. “All of this is only possible because of the many partnering congregations in Texas Congregational Disaster Readiness and Texas Annual Conference,” he said.


A number of congregations in the Conference have been gathering supplies and funds to help. There were mountains food, boxes of diapers and carts full of tarps. 
Bishop Harvey explained that Hurricane Ida left a path of destruction across the state, winding its way up from Grand Isle to the Mississippi border. The damage was catastrophic, wiping out power to over 1 million customers in Louisiana.
She pointed out that several Louisiana residents are still not back in their homes since Hurricane Laura. Still, in the midst of Ida’s aftermath, she finds hope in neighbors helping neighbors.
“Even in darkness, the light of God shines -- and it shines through you,” she said. “You know what to do. You’ve cared for your neighbor. I ask you to continue to do that.”
First, Harvey asked for prayer. “Whenever you see clips on the news, please stop and pray,” she said. “Your generosity is really important right now. It helps us to deploy our resources as quickly as we can.”

Bishop Jones also implored for congregations in the Texas Annual Conference to continue to support relief efforts. “We appeal to you all to help with this recovery,” he said. “It’s going to take weeks if not months.”
To learn more and donate, visit www.txcumc.org/texasrecovers-hurricane-ida