Table Talks with Bishop Scott Jones: Conversations on The Way Forward

Date Posted: 7/17/2018

Bishop Scott Jones invites both clergy and laity to join the conversation on The Way Forward in “Table Talks with Bishop Scott Jones,” August 11-23, 2018.
“Table Talks with Bishop Scott Jones” will take place in all nine districts between August 11-23, 2018. Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with the Bishop to hear more about what attendees should expect from the sessions.
Q: Bishop Jones, you are travelling to all nine districts to host “Table Talks.” Why is the conversation on The Way Forward so important to you?
A: The three models for The Way Forward are deeply complex. I know that people have questions. I hope to offer everyone the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the three plans so that we may all pray intelligently.
Q: What should attendees expect during the course of the evening?
A: The sessions will last approximately one and a half hours. I will take the time to carefully describe each of the three models before attendees break into small groups led by trained facilitators. Each group will also have the opportunity to present questions which I will answer.
It is important that everyone remember that this is not a forum for debate, argument, or attempting to convince others of a particular point of view. It is an educational opportunity to go deeper and understand more fully what the special session will be talking about so that we may pray more intelligently about the future of the church.
Q: How can those of us joining you best prepare for the evening?
A: We will have some documents on the website that will provide important background information, including the full commission report on the way forward. Secondly, there will be executive summaries of the three models. Third, I will be writing analytical documents evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each plan. These documents will be available before the end of July.
We hope you will join us for “Table Talks with Bishop Jones.” To find out when “Table Talks” take place in your district, see the schedule.