Seeking Stories of Inter Faith Partnerships

Date Posted: 6/21/2017

Each January, Christian denominations in Houston come together to celebrate the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity by worshipping together in a way that respects each different worship style and recognizes the incredible diversity that is found in God’s Kingdom. This beautiful worship is just one expression of the many ways Christians work together to express God’s love.

“The Committee on Christian Unity and Inter-religious Concerns would like to hear stories that illustrate the multi-faith partnerships that are happening successfully around us in congregations in our conference,” shares Rev. Janet Stilwell, FUMC Conroe.

“What we learn together helps us reach out to one another. Please share your stories with Rev. Janet Stilwell at “We will add your stories to those we have already compiled and put them in our annual report so other congregations can celebrate this step toward unity and also gain from the experiences of others,” she explains.