“Revolution Youth” Ministry Exemplifies the Live+Serve+Share Vision

Date Posted: 3/24/2016

Not only will you find the word LOVE in Lake Houston UMC’s dynamic youth ministry logo, you will find it in dozens of ministry adventures involving everything from skits to sandwiches.
“Ways not to use your Bible” is among the skit titles performed by the energetic and multi-talented “Revolution” youth group of Lake Houston UMC. Several dozen strong, this group also includes an active praise band that will be part of the student-led Sunrise Service for Easter this weekend.
The group, known by its red, black and white logo t-shirts, has made it into the newspapers twice this month; The Cherokeean Herald announced their youth-led service during their recent mission trip to Dialville UMC, and the Observer featured a story on the youth group’s sandwich-making milestone for the Huffman Food Pantry, as the group topped 1,000 ham and cheese sandwich donations just in the last few months. On the March mission trip to Rusk, students helped with cleaning, led worship, shared messages through drama and still had time to go hiking and hang out together.

“These students and parent volunteers are remarkable,” says Rev. Frank Coats. “The skits are a wonderful way to do a type of street ministry that reaches people with a nonthreatening style of evangelism.” These accomplishments could not be possible without a cadre of supportive parent volunteers. “The volunteer that handles most of our A/V tasks, has been nicknamed the press agent for the Lord.”
Youth ministry leader Lee Frasier believes the key to a thriving youth group begins with the pastor consistently expressing a vision and passion for the youth. “By sharing that passion, parents and youth quickly see the need and want to help,” notes Lee. “That shared vision is unifying. We give options for parents and students to choose what they will enjoy, but the expectation is if you come, you serve, not sit.” Lee’s previous involvement in New Life Drama Company has inspired the skit ministry. Some of the skits are purchased from the organization and the students write some of them and perform at UM Army, youth camps, out in the park and in churches.
Video and Facebook are essential communication tools of the youth ministry. The Revolution Youth Facebook page features many students announcing upcoming events on camera and inviting others to join in.
Ministry leaders understand the importance of spreading the good news about youth activities so that others might be inspired to join in. They make the effort to get in the newspaper. For events and special occasions the church typically sends out press releases with photos to local papers or invites them to the event to do their own story.
Here are links to several of the student skits:

Skit -  The Gas Station (catcher skit to get people’s attention) - Street Ministry, Durango, CO
Skit – What if - LHUMC Youth Sunday
Skit – The Church - LHUMC Youth Sunday
Skit – Get To Know Me -  First UMC Pasadena
Skit – Everything - LHUMC Sunrise Service
Another notable outreach activity sponsored by these generous teens is the recycling of plastic bags into mats for the homeless. “The students have shortened a 10-20 hour process into a one-hour method of weaving mats that are given to homeless shelters for use by visitors. The youth are turning something worthless --that would remain in some landfill until Jesus comes – into something useful and it’s just fantastic,” Frank adds.
The youth-sponsored Valentine Dance themed “Prom Night Through the Ages” was a sell out and, thanks to a festively-dressed dinner and dance crowd with outfits ranging from mock-tuxedo t-shirts to old prom dresses. The event, featuring handmade tissue “mums” for the ladies, raised money for camp and other upcoming youth activities. And, to everyone’s delight a prom king and queen were crowned.