Resources for Advent and Christmas

Date Posted: 12/9/2018

Advent and Christmas: Communicating Hope
In a season of holiday haste and hustle, Advent calls us to slow down and prepare. In a world of darkness and violence, the church proclaims a message of light and hope. In a world of division and fear, the coming of the Christ child reminds us of the healing power of love.
Engage Your Congregation in Creative Christmas Outreach
Advent is the perfect season to reach out to new people in new ways. As you plan your holiday outreach, engage your congregation in fun, meaningful efforts that will extend a personal word of welcome to people in your community who are searching for connection.
Advent Outreach Resources
Invite your community to experience a more meaningful Advent and Christmas season using our outreach materials.
Make Room for Christmas: Advent Devotions
A series of five devotions to help us pause for a moment or two each week to reflect on how we will make room in our lives for Christ this... Read More

Wesley hymn devotions for Advent and Christmas
Four devotions drawing on Charles Wesley's hymns help us reflect upon the miracle of Christmas. Read More

Christmas in the Hymns of Charles Wesley Infographic
This beautiful infographic highlights some of the Advent and Christmas hymns of Charles Wesley. View

Coloring Advent: Creative devotions for Christmas
Read scripture and reflect on the season as you color. These sample pages and devotions offer a way to pause and ponder in the busyness of Christmas. Read More

Make Room for Others: Advent devotion
When United Methodists celebrate Las Posadas we remember that loving Jesus includes loving, serving and welcoming our neighbors. First in a series. Read More

Make Room for Peace: Advent devotion
Christmas is a busy time. We need to intentionally carve out time for wonder and awe during the season and the rest of the year. Third in a series. Read More

Make Room for Hope: Advent devotion
As we prepare our holiday wish lists, we are reminded to focus not on what we lack, but instead on all Jesus provides in abundance. Second in a series. Read More

Make Room for Joy: Advent devotion
When learning to pack less for holiday travel, we are reminded to let go of negativity. That frees us to receive Christmas joy. Fourth in series. Read More

Make Room for Love: Advent devotion
When preparing for Christmas, we make room in our homes for the celebration. We must also prepare our hearts for Christ’s coming. Fifth in a series. Read More

Downloadable prayers for your home
“Help us to make room for the blessings that are in store for us.” Read and share these printable prayers to focus on faith as Christmas approaches. Download

“Peace upon earth be restored!” A Christmas hymn devotion
A lesser-known Charles Wesley song teaches us the peace we desire in a world of division is experienced only when we allow Christmas to happen within us. Read More

Musical hospitality on Christmas Eve
When expectations and emotions are high, people want to sing the familiar carols that are such an important part of their Christmas experience. Read More

Musical devotions: Hearing familiar hymns with new ears
You can do more with a hymn than just sing it. The words written by Charles Wesley are meant to instruct and inspire us. More

A Prayer for the Advent Season
"Let something wonderful begin in us." Video reflection offers inspiration and words to share during this Advent season. View

“And God himself is born:” A Christmas hymn devotion
How is Jesus both fully God and fully human? Charles Wesley explains the mystery of the incarnation in beautiful poems for Advent and Christmas. Read More

Advent and Christmas Resources from ReThink Church
Attract more people to your church services with these direct mail postcards, door hangers, etc., available in either English or Spanish. Read More

Advent and Christmas resources at Cokesbury has a large inventory of books, studies, bulletins, calendars, candles and other supplies for your congregation and your home. Read More

Advent and Christmas Worship Planning Resources
Find liturgies, prayers, music and more for your Advent and Christmas worship planning. Read More

Christmas carols: “Above all sing spiritually”
They feature lyrics you've sung all your life, but do you know the real story behind your favorite Christmas hymns? Read More

When you must cancel Christmas
When safety issues during inclement weather necessitate cancelling Christmas services, here are three back-up plans for your congregation. Read More
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