Recovery Through Grace

Date Posted: 9/14/2017

Care Ministry at Grace Fellowship Katy is a safe place where it is okay not to be okay. As the Care Pastor since 2003, Rev. Cindi Lomax, has seen lives changed in the Recovery Through Grace program, even those who struggle with dual addictions of chemical/alcohol abuse along with sexual addiction. This ministry has attracted hundreds of people over the years because it addresses real problems with confidentiality and a customized recovery plan.
As a former critical care nurse, Cindi instinctively set up the ministry to facilitate a unique care plan for each individual. “We also match them with a wounded-but-healed ‘super leader’ that has been there and can walk alongside them,” she adds. Associate Care Pastor Nic Hoover is a wounded-but-healed mentor for others struggling with alcoholism and other issues. “Years ago, when I was feeling inadequate in my role as a husband, I virtually crawled into a bottle and soon realized I could not get free of alcohol’s grip by myself,” shares Nic. “I came to the Care Ministry and found the strength I needed to be the man, husband, father, and warrior God intended for me to be.”
Cindi later hired Nic to help counsel the men and women that seek help with marriage, grief, finances, additions and divorce. “We are both children of divorce and know that so many of these needs overlap,” explains Nic.  “I often encourage men to participate in Marriage Matters and get their wife cheering them on as they deal with any other addictions.” According to Nic, other people may be in a really dark place and need a 30-day rehab or detox facility in their care plan, with the church focusing on after care.
Cindi says, “We know isolation is deadly to anyone who suffers from addiction, and that walking through recovery with others is crucial, so Recovery Through Grace claims II Cor. 1:3-4 as our care scripture, “…that we are called to comfort others with the same comfort that we ourselves have received in our own time of troubles by The Lord Jesus.
The Care Ministry excels in building a support team for individuals, using any combination of support such as:

  1. Family and friend support assessment
  2. Faith-based counseling and referrals
  3. Psychiatrist evaluation
  4. Stephen Minister support
  5. Weekly Recovery Care ministry support with accountability and transparency for their specific addiction
  6. Intensive referrals
  7. Adjunct ministry referrals such as Financial Peace, Marriage Matters, Freedom and Healing
  8. Prayer partnership providing 1:1 personalized prayer coverage 
Lessons Learned
If other churches want to start a recovery ministry, Cindi and Nic recommend soundproofing the counseling room, allowing people to refer to themselves using initials, and keeping the drama and personal details to a minimum in a group setting. “We work to stay focused on the Bible so others don’t feed on the details of the addiction and thus allow Satan to get a foothold,” shares Cindi.
The Recovery Through Grace ministry has a strong pull to the community. In fact, Grace Fellowship has the reputation in the Katy, Texas as being the “Ben Taub Hospital of emotional care.” Everyone from court employees to area residents refer people in crisis to the church.
“A lot of our people don’t have a church home, but when they get a DWI or suffer a crisis they will come to the church for help. We are now tracking that ‘care evangelism’ and reminding people that God cares about their hearts and can work through the crisis with them,” Notes Cindi. Additionally, up to 50 percent of the participants of Divorce Care come from outside the church..
Nic knows the power of having someone walk the journey with you during hard times. “People just want to be accepted in an atmosphere of trust,” he says, “so I assure those that I counsel that I have walked this road as well and I am there to do life with them.” Authenticity has brought healing to many through Grace Fellowship’s multiple care ministry outlets. “Wounded individuals and families are grateful when I tell them we are just people who want to link arms with them to get healthy and find the Lord,” adds Cindi.