Permanent Endowment Fund Announces Important Changes

Date Posted: 1/25/2018

By: Sherri Gragg
The Permanent Endowment Fund (PEF) of Moody Methodist church is relaunching their grant application process with a freshly constructed website and online grant application system.
Since 1986, the Permanent Endowment Fund has awarded more than $16.5 million in grants to a variety of ministries in the Texas Conference in order to “advance the care of people in the Name and Spirit of Jesus Christ.”
For those ministries in the Texas Conference interested in applying for a grant from PEF, there are several important changes to note. This year, PEF will streamline the grant process through the establishment of an online grant calendar and grant application system. A new website will ease the grant application process by providing a central location to access all pertinent information. Application questions have been streamlined to assist applicants in providing a focused and clear application to better communicate their organization’s needs. Since application data is clearer and instantly accessible to the PEF staff, they are in a better position to reach out to potential grant recipients concerning any problems with their application. Early response to the changes in the grant process have been overwhelmingly positive. Applicants are finding the new online system much easier to navigate. Once a grant has been awarded, recipients are now able to accept the offer online, a process that is not only quicker that the postal service, more secure, and less costly. “Previously, applicants had to send up to sixteen hard copies of their full grant proposal which was very costly in some cases,” said Kim Shelton, Grants Director of the Permanent Endowment Fund.
Organizations in the Texas Annual Conference interested in applying for a grant from PEF should take note that these grants will now take place in a single yearly grant cycle. Applicants must create an account on-line at and then select How to Apply under the Applicants menu. For Texas Conference applicants, the deadline to submit a letter of intent is March 12, 2018. Once approved, candidates must submit the full application before April 12, 2018.
For more information, please contact Kim Shelton, Grants Director, Permanent Endowment Fund
Moody Memorial First United Methodist Church at or visit the PEF website at